Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exxon Hates Our Children and Our Voice

Found this tonight - kinda liked the ad - even though Exxon has put a cease and desist on the PSA

Here's the webpage where you can read what happened and watch the 30 second "Exxon Hates Our Children" PSA at the bottom of the page - the truth hurts.


We put together a nationally crowfunded PSA, promoted by thousands online who threw in a dollar or a click or both in favor of two simple ideas: we should be able to get the word out about the most pressing issue of our time, climate change, on television primetime; and we should be able to demand that our tax dollars stop being used to fund oil, gas, and coal.

We had already aired the ad, called Exxon Hates Your Children, to great acclaim in Denver, New York and Washington DC. But when we bought time in Exxon’s backyard, Houston, on the most pro-Oil network on televison, Fox News, something snapped – and Exxon decided to issue a cease and desist demand and threaten Comcast into not airing your PSA as scheduled.

I have no idea who this group is - but liked th PSA and thought I'd share.

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