Monday, February 25, 2013

ALEC - Leader in Distribution of Dumb Legislation

Interesting op-ed yesterday  - about DUMB legislation.
The interesting thing is that in the article only 4 legislators are mentioned - 3 of them are confirmed ALEC - 75%

75% of the "dumb" legislation in this article came from ALECers.

And the other mention to DUMB legislation - specifically calls out ALEC  - even though no ALEC legislators are named.

That brings the total up to 4 of 5 ALEC mentions or 80% - of the "dumb" legisation came from ALECers.

A short op-ed
yet "dumb" legislation and ALEC are explicitly tied.

  Fans of dumb legislation shouldn’t get cocky, but the 2013 Nevada Legislature
   is on pace to set a record. A couple of weeks into the session, it’s produced a 
  sackload of no-hope, no-brain, no-purpose bills.

State Sen. Don Gustavson - ALEC

Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson  - ALECer

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore - Unknown ALEC connection

  Nevada doesn’t have a monopoly on lame legislators, though. In Kansas,
   the House Education Committee has introduced a bill mandating that teachers 
  question the “scientific basis” of global warming. The bill, straight from the 
  uberconservative American Legislative Exchange Council, declares climate 
  change a “controversial topic,”

  And there’s always Oklahoma, where the wind goes sweeping through the 
  brains: The Common Education Committee is considering a bill forbidding science 
  teachers from penalizing students who turn in papers trying to debunk evolution. 
  Science teachers.
Sponsor Gus Blackwell, - YEP another ALEC-er

Based on these odds 
- and the fact that the op-ed author didn't bother to check 
      legislator ALEC credentials before writing the article 
- it's pretty safe to assume:

The American Legislative Exchange Council - home of dumb, extremist, right-wing, ultraconservative "cut/paste" legislation - "a  sackload of no-hope, no-brain, no-purpose bills"

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