Monday, February 18, 2013

Goldwater Insittue - ALEC:transparent, Unions:not

Oh, my  …………………………
The Repugs are really going over the edge here.
I wonder how much ALEC corporations paid for this study?
How much longer do we have to put up with them spreading their extremist, right-wing misinformation?

This whole report is such a bunch of twisted REPugnant bull crap - cause anyone that knows ANYTHING about government knows about open meeting law - executive session privilege and ratification in an open meeting.  
By Victor Skinner
PHOENIX – Common sense suggests government should strive to be open and transparent so taxpayers can hold public officials accountable for their decisions.
  ...   the Goldwater Institute,  released a report last month titled “Airing Out Smoke-filled Rooms: Bringing Transparency to Public Union Collective Bargaining” that explores how employee unions and government officials conduct the public’s business.
What researchers found is troubling, but not terribly surprising.
Nearly a dozen states require collective bargaining between government and union officials to be conducted behind closed doors, and in most cases the public doesn’t get a say in the process until after the resulting contracts are legally binding.


Conservative-leaning organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council have crafted model legislation to help let the sun shine in on union negotiations, but Big Labor bosses have attacked the measure as “union busting” when it was introduced in Louisiana, Colorado and elsewhere, Goldwater reports. 
While unions generally oppose transparency for obvious reasons, their traditional liberal allies are starting to come around.

Using ALEC as a bastion as transparency – REALLY????
The most secret – closed door cult in America should be considered the keeper of transparency morals.

Open meeting laws - something you actually see in government - that has been intentionally bypassed by ALEC - because ALEC legislators have re-written state law to deem ALEC meetings "as caucuses" - thereby excluding the general public.

Let’s rewrite that one paragraph
Every meeting between ALEC government officials and ALEC corporate lobbyist is conducted behind closed doors, and in ALL  cases the public doesn’t get any say in the resulting ALEC “model legislation”.

What Americans are finding is extremely troubling, but not terribly surprising.

While ALEC  opposes transparency for obvious reasons, their traditional liberal allies are starting to shine the light on their activities.

If they are so hell bent on “busting unions” because of transparency issues
Maybe the Goldwater Institute
should be hell bent on shutting down ALEC.

People who live in union made glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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