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What Best for ALEC is Worst for Working Moms

For the past couple of weeks the ALEC Rich State Poor States Report (RSPS) have been finding its away around the web.  If it isn't an article on it, its an ALEC pundit or staff member pushing it down the throats the  people of America, WITHOUT sharing the philosophy and funding behind the report.

The problem with that report is it serves ALECs interests - it doesn't serve the interests of the people of the United States.

The report has been debunked multiple times
People have been warned not to believe the skewed report  HERE  but the question is who is really taking the time to really understand the evil of that report.  The ALEC RSPS report is just another manipulation by the Republicans - but in this case extremist Republicans.

If you look at but don't look at it critically - you can be taken in by a report that is intentionally produced to mislead.  Don't fool yourself - this ALEC report and the results in the report are skewed to serve the interests of the corporate members of the American Legislative Exchange Council - its a statistical sham!

You can't just look at the lists that ALEC has produced and not question the outcomes.
Take for example this second look at their list.

Rich States, Poor States State Rankings
Economic Outlook for 2014
Top Ten States                 Bottom Ten States
1 - Utah
41 - Rhode Island
33% ALEC members
11% ALEC members

2 - South Dakota
42 - Oregon
100% ALEC members
19% ALEC members

3 - Indiana
43 - Montana
33% ALEC members
24% ALEC members

4 - North Dakota
44 - Connecticut
31% ALEC members
14% ALEC members

5 – Idaho
45 - New Jersey
20% ALEC members
2% ALEC members

6 - North Carolina
46 - Minnesota
32% ALEC members
11% ALEC members

7 - Arizona
47 - California
49% ALEC members
9% ALEC members

8 - Nevada
48 - Illinois
22% ALEC members
18% ALEC members

9 - Georgia
49 - Vermont
38% ALEC members
4% ALEC members

10 - Wyoming
50 - New York
36% ALEC members
1% ALEC members

Take a look at that - the purpose of that chart is to hopefully push you to ask the question
Does being an "ALEC State", a state that is controlled by ALEC mean that ALEC will rate your state better than a state that has fewer members.

Does ALEC threaten states with less members and tell them their state will be lower unless they get more members, unless they pass more ALEC pro-corporate legislation?

That's not tin-foil hat - it is looking at the data from another direction.

And that's where the rest of this entry will go
To look at the data from another direction - another point of view.

In the bogus and biased ALEC Rich State Poor States they list the states by two conclusion

Economic Outlook Ranking is a forecast based on a state’s current standing

The Economic Performance Ranking is a backward-looking measure based on a state’s performance

This past week "The Best States for Working Moms" was issued and I couldn't help wondering - if these are the best states for Working Moms based on the variable they used - how does this compare to the ALEC ranking.

The first column is the  top ten states for Working Moms from last weeks report
The second column is the same states Economic Ranking from the ALEC report
The third column is the Economic Performance Ranking from the ALEC report 

You might be wondering why did she put that awful pin on the chart?
The states that are hilited in pink ranked in the BOTTOM ten states on the ALEC rankings.

What's the yellow for?
That's a state that ranked in the top ten of the ALEC rankings.
Arizona appears to be the ONLY winner in this comparison.

so lets look at the worst of the "Best States for Working Moms"
The bottom ten on the ranking.

Notice anything in the bottom ten states on the ranking of "Best States for Working Moms"
Lotsa yellow - the states with yellow hiliting were among the TOP TEN states in the ALEC rankings.
And they are in the ranking for the worst states for working Moms.
Only one state ranked in the bottom ten of Best States for Working Moms and only on one aspect of the ALEC rating - Michigan.

Two charts
Absolutely nothing comparable, except for Arizona.

What does it mean - who knows?
It just seemed strange to me that the results would be so totally different.
Seems strange to me that the needs of working moms is at absolute total odds with the ALEC rankings.
But it begs the question - who is ALEC producing their report for - as it seems as there are variables from  the working Mom study,  that do not correspond to ALEC rankings at all.

For anybody interested in the whole list:
PINK are the worst states in ALEC ranking - bottom 10 of 50
YELLOW are the best states in the ALEC ranking - top ten of 50

So - - -
What's best for ALEC is worst for working Moms.
Whats best for working Moms is considered worst by ALEC.

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