Sunday, April 24, 2011

ALEC - Screwing with the Federal Government

This morning I thought it was important to bring you the evolution of the thought process of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in relation to the US government.

Traditionally ALEC has focused on state level "Model Legislation", but it is evident through this historical view of literature from ALEC that they are now, more than ever focused on causing havoc with the democratic process at the Federal level.

The arrogant superiority of all ALEC members in their belief that they know what is best for America is atrocious, horrendous, revolting, repulsive, and appalling!
ALEC must be stopped.

We have to remove all ALEC members from State Legislatures and
remove all ALEC Alumni from the Federal government -
before we become
The United States of ALEC.

The goal of the Federal Affairs office is to foster dialogue between ALEC members at both the state and federal level. Throughout its history, ALEC has focused primarily at the state level; however, in order for members to ensure their legislative initiatives are effective, they must maintain a keen interest in policy at the federal level. Great opportunities exist to bring state legislative leaders into contact with their federal counterparts. These opportunities for information exchange allow us to protect a sound and balanced government and stay true to the Jeffersonian principles ALEC upholds. Michael J. Correia is ALEC’s Director of Federal Affairs.
Inside ALEC  July 2007

ALEC’s Federal Affairs Program fosters dialogue between ALEC members in the states and Alec Alumni in Congress and federal agencies. ALEC is primarily a state focused organization; however, in order for our members to ensure that their legislative efforts are effective, they must maintain a keen interest in policy issues at the national level. Michael J. Correia is the Director of Federal Affairs at ALEC.
Inside ALEC September 2008

Because of the success of ALEC legislative leaders in the states, their careers are expanding beyond state legislatures. As a result, ALEC has developed the Federal Relations program for its alumni members.

The focus of the Federal Relations program is to build a productive bipartisan working relationship among current and former ALEC members at all levels of government.

Bringing state legislative leaders into contact with their congressional counterparts is the cornerstone of the Federal Relations program. It enables ALEC members, both state and federal, to secure and protect a sound and balanced government. Through this relationship, ALEC provides its 79 members with information and testimonial support from the states on pressing policy matters.
(The number in the last sentence is a misrepresentation – there are 11 US Senators and 92 US House members who are ALEC Alumni)

If there's nothing wrong with belonging to ALEC...
   Why does ALEC  hide their state membership lists and
   why do ALEC members deny belonging to ALEC and
   why do ALEC members hide money spent on ALEC?

We must stop this destruction of the American government by ALEC.

If you don’t know what ALEC is  you should –
because they are a threat to our democracy.
– please read this, or  this, or  this, or this.


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