Friday, April 8, 2011

MN to Pass ALEC Legislation - Say "HELL NO!"

Posted by: Bob von Sternberg under Minnesota campaigns, Minnesota legislature Updated: April 7, 2011 - 5:28
A bill that would require Minnesota voters to present a photo identification card before casting ballots cleared a committee hurdle Thursday morning and will come up for a House hearing later in the day.

The bill was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee, 8-4. The House Government Finance Committee was scheduled to hold its own hearing later in the day Thursday.

The bill which would dramatically overhaul the state's voting procedure, also would eliminate voter vouching for same-day registration, allow some political buttons inside polling places, create "provisional" ballots and nix the "incumbent" ballot label for sitting judges.

This is not a bill that Minnesota’s citizens wanted or needed.

This is not a bill that Minnesota legislators wrote.

This is a bill that was written by the “Task Forces” at the American Legislative Exchange Council”.  This bill was written with the help of the corporate sector.

This bill is an exact duplicate of bills in four other states that are coming up for discussion and vote at the same time as this bill.

Our Minnesota legislature has wasted time introducing a bill that the public does not need or want – to benefit who?  Who will benefit from this bill?

This is disgusting and as constituents of Minnesota we should say, “HELL NO” – by phone call to our legislators.

Minnesota is NOT  a puppet of the American Legislative Exchange Council
and we have to say NO – NOW! Before this bill passes.

Go home ALEC,  we do not want you in our State!

The legislators that introduced this bill in both the House and Senate should NOT be re-elected.  They DO NOT represent Minnesota - They represent ALEC.

If you don't know what ALEC is - please link to this report.

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