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ALEC's Award Winning Members - The Best of the Best

Their Award winners –Legislator of the Year and Other Honors
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United States of America

2010 Legislator of the Year
Asm. Michael Villines (CA)
Rep. Linda Upmeyer (IA)
Rep.Ray Merrick (KS)
Del. Gail Bates (MD)
Sen. Sander Rue(NM)
Rep. John Adams (OH)
Sen. Glenn Coffee (OK)

Sen. Bill Cadman (CO)    State Chair of the Year Award – First Recipient
Governor Rick Perry (TX)   Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award
Sen. Steve Faris (AR)   William J. Raggio Excellence
Honorable V. Glenn Coffee (OK)   2010 National Legislator of the Year Award

2009 Legislator of the Year
Rep. Blair Thoreson (ND)
Rep. Leah Vukmir (WI)
Del. Chris Shank (MD)
Rep. Ted Hoskins (MO)
Sen. Wayne Niederhauser (UT)
Del. Adelaide Eckardt (MD)
Rep. Tom Graves (GA)
Rep. Jim Clark (ID)
Sen. Jim Buck (IN).

Rep. Harold Brubaker (NC)    William J. Raggio Excellence
Rep.Earl Ehrhart (GA)    ALEC Leadership Award for Limited Government

2008 Legislator of the Year
Senator Carol Weston (ME)
Senator Curt Bramble (UT)
Senator Steve Komadina (NM)
Rep. Renée Kosel (IL)
Rep. Curry Todd (TN)
Sen. Alex Mooney (MD)
Rep. David Casas (GA)
Sen. Bill Seitz (OH)
Rep. Wayne Christian (TX)

Rep. Tom Craddick, TX – The William Raggio Award

2007 Legislator of the Year
State Sen. Dennis Nolan (NV)
State Rep. Rodney Hubbard (MO)
State Rep. William Hamzy (CT)
Sen. Robert Burns.(AZ)
Sen. Charlie Ross (MS)
Sen. Bob Beers.(NV)

Sen. Bill Raggio (NV) – The William Raggio Award (first recipient)
Billy Tauzin (LA)   Adam Smith Free

2006 Legislator of the Year:
Missouri Representative Ed Emery
Texas Senator Troy Fraser
North Carolina Representative Julia Howard
Texas Representative Phil King
South Dakota Representative Hal Wick

Rep. Phil Montgomery (WI) Legislator of the Year
Rep John E. Piscopo (CT) 2005 Legislator of the Year

Rep. John Harkins (CT)  Legislator of the Year Award

Ohio Representative Stephen Buehrer
Florida Speaker of the House Tom Feeney
Florida Senator Debby Sanderson

Rep. Jamie Van Fossen (IA) 
James F Ports  (MD)

Tony Powell (KS)
Sen. Sandy Greiner (IA) 1998 National Legislator of the Year 1998
Rep. John Thrasher (FL) Legislator of the Year 1998
Sheila Sorensen  (ID) National Legislator of the Year: 1998

Sen Mat Dunaskis (MI) Legislator of the Year
Rep. Harold D. “Hal” Stratton, Jr  NM  Legislator of the

Unknown Year
Rep Lynn R. Wachtmann (OH), Legislator of the Year Award
Rep. Mary Fallin (OK) “she was recognized by the American Legislative Exchange Council as Legislator of the Year”
John Andrews (CO)   National Legislator of the Year
Mark Hillman (CO)  National Legislator of the Year
Sen David Williams (KY) Legislator of the Year
RepJulia Howard was recognized as Legislator of the Year  (2006 or 2007)

International Legislator of the Year
Daniel Hannan, British Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Syed Kamall, a Member of the European Parliament representing London.

Chris Heaton-Harris (MEP)

Roger Helmer MEP for the East Midlands region
Lady Margaret Th atcher   ALEC’s Pioneer Award

2008 - An aside
Lady Margaret Thatcher also sent ALEC members a letter in which she wrote, “you have achieved an enormous amount already but our task never ends. So steel yourselves for the struggles ahead and draw strength once more from that undaunted spirit of freedom which underpins your great nation.”

If you don’t know what ALEC is – please read this, or  this, or  this, or this.
And believe me - you should know what ALEC is!

Protest ALEC - April 29 in Cincinnati
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