Thursday, August 1, 2013

ALEC Begs - PLS Come Back, We Need Members!

ALEC never ceases to amuse.
New to their webpage this morning is a page named

Oh, my.............

Just a remember that term "ALUMNI" in the ALEC sense also includes CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS.

AT the bottom of the page it says this:
Note: To participate in the Alumni Program, you have to be a former member in good standing and no longer involved in government relations.
How can you be a "former member in good standing"
Is that a former member who was in good standing - then
Is that a former member who is still in good standing - and if so how would they know?


Alumni Program Overview
Why do we choose to be members of the American Legislative Exchange Council? 
Because you are extremists and this is the only extremist organization out there that caters to you?
Why do we travel to these meetings? 
Cause corporations provide "scholarships" - so you get a free trip to a posh hotel, with fine dining and lots of parties?  DUH!
 Some of us receive support and encouragement and partnership at these meetings that we may not feel in our home state caucuses.

Oh - I bet you do, cause most of the Republicans back at home are moderates and DON'T hold your extremist, pro-corporate views.
Over the years, these working partnerships and support grow into a strong sense of solidarity, community, and even family.

SOLIDARITY?  How dare you use that word!
ALEC is your family?  So sad for you.
These close connections and alliances shouldn’t have to come to an end simply because we move on from state government.
So when they get out of government - they can continue to belong.

Then the beg
If you are a former member, we encourage you to re-join and remain involved and engaged.  You still have important roles to play in the moral imperative we possess.

If you are a former member - - 
If your constituents kicked your butt out of office because of your extremist views - we still want you.
The American Legislative Exchange Councils needs you and your extremist views.  We can't survive without you!

You still have important roles to play in the moral imperative we possess
roles to play in the moral imperative we possess
in the moral imperative we possess 

Oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyy...... 

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