Sunday, August 11, 2013

ALECer Misleads Public About ALEC.

Found this tweet exchange yesterday:

After the conversation - Sara Marie blocked Superguts.
For a "internet marketing guru"  - she evidently lacks the ability to defend her stance on things.

She is wife of Ohio State Rep. Andrew Brenner - an ALEC Member
And she is own little tornado of controversy.
She is on the City Council of  Powell, OH - with some controversy about past tax liens against the business held by her and her husband.  And it got nasty.   And it got even nastier when people were asking her to resign from the City council over this.
She is currently embroiled in an interesting online (aka public) discussion of her work history.

If you google her name - she has her fingers in a lot of different stuff - ambitious in what appears to be an A.D.D. type of way.

But the key here is what she was saying in her online radio broadcast - 3 1/2 minutes form the ALEC Meeting in Chicago.
She explains what ALEC is - the wife of an ALECer - at the ALEC meeting - goes onto the internet to pimp for ALEC.

Nowhere in the radio blog report she mention that Corporations are sitting next to those ALEC members at that meeting.
Nowhere in that radio blogspot does she mention that Corporations brought in briefcases full of legislation that they want ALEC to pass.
Nowhere in that radio blogspot does she mention that corporations paid to have the legislators brought in to the ALEC meeting.
Nowhere does she mention in that radio blogspot that ALEC legislators are no better than whores - coming to Chicago to lay down before their corporate masters.
Intentionally misleading the public - becauseshecan.
And because she got a free trip out of it - to a posh hotel in chciago where she and her husban were wined and dined by corporate lobbyists.

Here's the three minute piece - if you care to hear it

The extremist, pro-corporate right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council - misleads the public and the press cause they know they are evil.

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