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The ALEC Revolution: Extremism of the 1990's

"Alec was founded in 1973 by the LOSERS"

"They (the American Legislative Exchange Council) have never forgotten that they were founded by people who couldn't win elections. So they put a lot of their energy on gaming the electoral process."

That's kinda been my attitude - that they were a bunch of conservative losers until the mid 90's and that is when they became the extremist pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council.

And they WERE extremists in the mid 90's.
I have to share with you what Lyndon LaRouche
(I know - I know - he was fringe - but so is ALEC, so who better to comment on them.)
wrote about them in 1995
- a few snips of his interpretation of ALEC.

think about it - this was about 20 years ago
- before ALEC realized they need to tone down their rhetoric.

Great reading!  Worth contemplating.
from Lyndon LaRouche

His responses on the 1994 December meeting of ALEC:

ALEC is the prime source of an effort to destroy the government created under the articles of the Constitution of the United States, and replace it with elements drawn from the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the Confederate States.
State Sovereignty
"the Un-United States of America"
An address to the same conference by Rep. Harold Brubaker of North Carolina, the immediate past national chairman of ALEC, is typical of the lies and Confederate propaganda which interweave American Legislative Exchange Council literature. Brubaker was sounding the theme that the only legitimate government is that government created by state legislatures, and therefore, state legislatures should see themselves as sovereign and superior to the federal government.

"Indeed," he said, "it is the states that created every government in the nation. And the states themselves are the creation of the people. . . . Constitutionally, the United States and its entire federal structure are the creation of state legislatures. " 
For 20 years the American Legislative Exchange Council and its allied National Taxpayer/> Union (NTU) have been spreading the call for a constitutional convention (an effort which came dangerously close to success during the Reagan presidency), for the explicit purpose of undermining the general welfare and equal justice clauses of the Constitution. The latest permutation is the campaign to "revive the Tenth Amendment" which is all the rage among populists and their radio talk show hosts. Like the "unfunded mandates" and "balanced budget" issues, this latest fad is the carefully cultivated work of ALEC and !the collection of thieves, mobsters, and multinational cartels which are funding the populist movement. 

to conduct "any other activity that is deemed appropriate by the Council."
To do that
you might need to take up arms
against the US Army
ALEC proposes that states create a Constitutional Defense Council, funded by the state treasury, and other sources, to organize challenges to "the Authority granted to, or assumed by, the federal government" and to conduct "any other activity that is deemed appropriate by the Council."
At the December conference in Washington, Larry Pratt of the ALEC-affiliated Gun Owners of America, openly called for the creation of state militias which should be prepared to do battle with the Army of the United States. Pratt is associated with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and his zombie Larry Nichols, who has made violent threats against President Clinton.
And it's evident
ALEC doesn't know what the hell they are talking about
ALEC produces model legislation urging state governments to revolt against the "unfunded mandates" of the federal government. According to studies which underlie the legislation, there is no reliable, quantifiable, definition of what "unfunded mandates" are or what they cost---
while they plan this revolution - funded by corporations - led by their soldiers in each state legislature and by their Alumni in the US Congress.

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