Monday, August 5, 2013

TX Highway Patrol - Trained in roadside 'sexual assault.'

TEXAS  - hates women.
TEXAS  - the Misogynist State of the USA

June 26th – Wendy Davis - a woman legislator - successfully filibustered the Texas legislature for 13 hours to stall the passage of one of the worst abortion bills in the US.

Now Texas Republicans want Wendy Davis to reimburse the state for the special session supposedly caused by her filibuster time.  Bet they wouldn't do that to a man. AND her filibuster was not what resulted in the special session - the governor called it to pass the extremist agenda.

Well –
If you remember what happened after that – female protesters who entered the TX Capital building for subsequent protests had to empty their purses and their tampons and maxi-pads were confiscated as “TX-WMDs” by security.  You can carry a gun into the TX capital – but tampons were confiscated.

And after teh tampon fiasco at the capital - a right wing pro-life nut job captial officer went after a female Tweeter.

The DPS withdrew its subpoena of Romano’s tweets after a week, but the damage was done. When a cop with a political agenda can get away with persecuting a woman with a debilitating illness, Republicans can stop talking about limited government and personal liberty. If Romano’s a potential terrorist, then so are you.

Note from that article - DPS did not investigate death threats against Wendy Davis - but they did go after a female twitterer.

And last week you had this report released.

In a just-published extensive exposé, a writer for a monthly Texas nonprofit nonpartisan magazine says she spent 140 days covering the Texas State Legislature’s 2013 session, and found it rife with uncloaked sexism and misogyny. Comments about women’s appearance, breasts, rampant condescension, and even one lawmaker who has trouble hearing “women’s voices.”
Not to mention the porn they watch on I state owned computers.

Well the condescension and hatred toward TX women does not stop there. 
Multiple highway patrol officers in Texas have been captured by dash cams doing 'unconstitutional' cavity searches on women's genitals during traffic stops. Lawyers and civil rights advocates say the 'mind-boggling' searches are all too common.
The first reported event happened last year.
And it didn't happen just once!

And it appears that groping women is routine part of a traffic stop in Texas.

When you compare that to:
George Zimmerman pulled over driving cross-country in Forney, Texas for speeding on Sunday
Told the officer that he was carrying a gun and was advised to place it in his glove compartment
The officer reportedly did not recognize Zimmerman - even after the 29-year-old checked
Was issued with a warning and sent on his way - telling the officer he 'was going nowhere in particular'
Murders with guns are A-Okay, in TX .

Evidently a woman having an hoo-hoo is not.

Moral of the story 
- women are not allowed to be in public in Texas without a big 'ol burly guy to control them.  

If you dare drive without a man - be prepared to have a body cavity search down - on the side of the road - with everyone driving by watching - courtesy of the Texas Highway Patrol.

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