Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ALEC - When you can't be upfront - You have to use the Back Door

“While a spokesperson for the governor strongly denied suggestions that donations to the organization were intended to curry political favor, ethics watchdog groups have expressed concern.”

If you look at the donation partners page of the foundation   
A very quick web review of the top donors shows the following companies have documented association (past or present) with ALEC.
AT&T – ALEC Member
Marathon – ALEC Member
Blue Cross – ALEC Member
Dow – ALEC Member
Wal-Mart – ALEC Member
State Farm – ALEC Member

Steve Seale   (from his LinkedIn page)
"Steve Seale has a unique combination of experience as an attorney, as a Mississippi State Senator, Chief Counsel to the Majority Leader of the United States Senate

As a State Senator, Steve Seale was a leader in the civil justice reform movement, was Chairman of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

As his chief legal advisor, Steve Seale advised Senator Lott regarding major policy issues including legal system reforms, such as product liability, bankruptcy and private property rights, as well as antitrust, intellectual property/patent/music licensing, nuclear energy and environmental protection/natural resources legislation. He was also Senator Lott’s representative to state and local government organizations, including ALEC..."

Why is the back door needed – if you are an upstanding organization with nothing to hide?
Why are legislative member lists not available to the public?
Why is “model legislation” not available to the public for review?

Only two little examples - found by coincidence
So many questions…
So many ALEC Libertarians in the State and US governments.

Please request the elimination of any and all state and federal funding for our legislators to belong to this organization or attend their events.

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