Friday, March 4, 2011

Walker's Layoff Threat - He's a Jacka$$

March 9th
11:00pm (cst)

Scott Walker - you're a jackass!

Scott Walker is going to save $30 million dollars today by laying off 1500 people.

Hasn't some idiot out there done the math?  It's all about union busting - not saving money.

divided by
average salary of person to be laid off
and that's probably before
calculating cost savings for
         those cadillac expensive benefits these employees have
              that the State no longer will have to pay and
         the STATE and Federal taxes not collected from those laid off workers and
         the FICA not collected from those laid off workers.

         but probably includes the cost per person of

People losing their livelyhood -
politically motivated and instigated by the Koch Brothers and ALEC.
Disgusting - just disgusting.
This guy is a jackass. 
Scott Walker - you are a jack ass!
Scott Walker - you are on the top of my list of people that I pray burns in hell.

1 comment:

  1. its all about conservatives busting what's left of unions in the USA...

    my first job out of college in 1994 i worked at a plant with union workers... they were destroyed by nafta

    everything was moved to mexico... good hard working honest americans trying to raise their families and retire with some sort of dignity after a lifetime of hard work... got SCREWED...

    oh and the owner ... well after he sold the company got a 500 million dollar windfall

    our enemies our the super wealthy and corporate elite

    not your public service worker who is your neighbor