Friday, March 11, 2011

ALEC's Solution: State Privatization - Using Nonprofits

Inside ALEC | April 2010

“I have proposed one such proposal, based on ALEC model legislation, which creates a new Council on Efficient Government comprised of private sector experts to review all functions and activities provided by state agencies to see whether they duplicate services provided by the private sector or nonprofit organizations.

The primary objective of the Council is to utilize a rigorous process to initiate and evaluate opportunities where privatization could offer the knowledge, experience and creativity to provide the same (or higher) level of services at a lower cost through greater efficiencies and productivity.

One major benefit of working with nonprofits is that much of their human capital and service delivery is provided with volunteers. Secondly, much of nonprofits’ financial support is leveraged and supported with fundraising and private contributions.”

Marvin Kleeb is a Republican member of the Kansas House of Representatives, representing the 48th district. Rep. Kleeb is currently a member of ALEC's Civil Justice Task Force.

Excuse my language folks – but this is so f#cking stupid – I can’t even find awords to express how f#cking stupid thie ALEC "model legislation" is.

Over 2,000 members of State Legislators belong to ALEC.  84 members of the US House and Senate are “Alumni” of ALEC.

Please request the elimination of any and all state and federal funding for state or federal legislators to belong to ALEC, to attend ALEC events and to buy products or publications sold by ALEC.

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