Sunday, March 13, 2011

States to Corporations - “We are open for business.”

“We are open for business.”

Who has said this exact phrase in the past couple of months?
Scott Walker – WI
Rick Snyder – MI
Rick Scott - FL
Bobby Jindal – LA
Butch Otter – ID
John Kasich – OH
Mary Fallin – OK
Chris Gregoire - WA
Daniel Malloy - CT
Susan Martinez – NM
Jan Brewer – AZ
Sean Parnell – AK
Joe Manchin – WV
Mike Beebe – AR
Rick Perry – TX

this exact phrase
“We are open for business.”
What the hell?

My opinion - they mean it literally
How many of these same governors have said,
“We’re broke” to the people
And then
“We are open for business.” to corporations.

A sign at Wisconsin's rally yesterday.
Wisconsin - Open for Business.
Closed to Democracy

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