Sunday, January 26, 2014

ALEC Incompetency - Membership Lying to Board?

ALEC's member department is evidently giving out propaganda - even to the ALEC Board.
When things get really bad - do a bad job of lying,
   must be the new motto at ALEC.

Really folks
- with the ALEC home office lying in docs and letters, multiple ALECers plagiarizing using a copy/paste of ALEC headquarters PR in editorials in the newspapers this past week and ALECers lying to their constituents about their membership - - -
When is the general public going to finally wake up to the political menace known as the American Legislative Exchange Council?

Back to where I was heading - - - -
This is new stuff folks - not a rehash of old news..

Case in Point:
Official ALEC documents released by the Guardian contains a list showing how many member in each state are members of ALEC as of June 2013.

The official ALEC documents state that 100% of Iowa legislators are members
which was disputed
     and rebutted - by ALEC Executive Director
But then disputed - again - by Iowas  legislators

ALEC can't quit lying - even when ALEC was caught lying, Scherberle stood his ground on the legislator membership number for Iowa.

South Dakota
The official ALEC documents state that 100% of South Dakotas legislators are ALEC members
which is disputed
South Dakota legislators have Not chosen to stand their ground against ALEC's misrepresentation of the ALEC membership in South Dakota.
What a shame.
ALEC always claims transparency - this would be a time for South Dakota to say prove it.

BUT it - doesn't stop there.
Those were the stories that broke in early January.

Now - this past week 
- another state comes into question as to the number of legislators that are ALEC members.

Now Nebraska
The official ALEC documents state that 35% of Nebraska legislators are ALEC members
in an interview with Chris Hayes on AllIn a past  Nebraska ALEC member states that only a handful of Nebraska legislators are members.
ALEC docs wrong, again?  Really - again - appears there is incompetency at the ALEC headquarters.

Will Nebraska stand up and challenge the ALEC membership numbers?

From Wiki:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Another interpretation could mean,
"Those who act tough and proud will vacate a situation when it becomes difficult lest they be proven not as tough as they appear to be."

Yet another interpretation could mean, 
"When the situation becomes almost impossible, those who are truly strong are wise enough to pull out, rather than being totally decimated." 

HEY ALEC! Listen Up!

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