Thursday, January 16, 2014

Presidential Races - Progressive Liberals Weep.

I've watched for years while RepubliCONS sat in the White House.
and I wept
I've stayed up late to watch many hours of election returns
and most time - I wept

Voted for President Obama not once but twice - hoping I would see some liberal progressive policies.
But alas 2010 elections gave him a RepubliCON house and all was for naught.

One man can not rule - that is a dictatoship - he needed a House and Senate to support his policies and we didn't give it to him.and I wept

And then to top it off the RepubliCONS maliciously plotted against Obama - vile RepubliCONs, a bunch of bullies - vindictive over their loss.  Destroying our country - because they refused to be part of the "United States"under President Obama.

Now I watch during his second term while people emerge for the 2016 election and I weep.

Bernie Sanders won't run - because he refuses to suck up to "Wall Street or corporate America" and therefore wouldn't be a viable candidate financially.
One of the reasons I would vote for him.

Bernie said:
...Sanders said he would be comfortable with a Warren presidential bid. “I like Elizabeth Warren very much,” he said. “Her beauty is that she is very smart. She speaks English. She can explain economics in a way that everybody can understand.”
Me too!
But alas, Warren has said she won't run.

So we end up with:
Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Running so Hillary Clinton Will Face No Dem Opposition in ’16 
and I weep.
Hillary Clinton - please no.
Twitterworld is alive with Hillary
The web is alive with Hillary.
Hillary Hillary Hillary
And progressive liberals weep.

Hillary is centrist - only moves left when the polls tell her she has to.
Hillary is a corporatist.
Hillary doesn't have commitment to "the human people" and "to the commons".

Nothing will change from what we are experiencing today.
And progressive liberals weep.

In 2016 I won't vote for a  RepubliCON.
In 2016 I won't vote for a third party candidate which would result in a split in the party leading to the RepubliCONs winning.
In 2016 I will vote the Dem ticket - but if it is Hillary - my vote doesn't mean I support her.

(Really don't expect too many retweets on this one - most people would prefer liberals just shut up and fall into the party line, like obedient sheeple - regardless of who the party runs.)

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