Monday, January 20, 2014

ALECs "Transparency" Meme = Some Things, Some of the Time

In a recent interview - Bill Meierling, the PR Poobah for ALEC noted:
As part of its effort to be more transparent, Meierling said the organization started putting its model legislation online in March 2013
He said ALEC posting its draft legislation 35 days before its meetings improves transparency,  
evidently there is transparency
     only on certain stuff,
     or for a specific amount of time.

In October 2013 - ALEC added a new link on their homepage
"The ALEC Digital Exchange"

This is where ALEC writes up all their current nastiness to disseminate.
The new reports they have released, staff trips to state legislatures to "support" certain legislation - corporate paid trips for ALEC members.
This page is supposedly for their members and supposedly, the public.

Fool that I am - I thought this was part of ALECs new "transparency" kick and assumed that the materials would be there for me to review when I needed a particular item.

Not so much.
ALECs  new "Transparency" Meme really means
 - - - Some Things, Some of the Time

But there's a transparency issue with that page.
If you want to go back and look at an older one - too bad - out of luck.

The moral of the story here is
ALEC is transparent
- - - Some Things,
- - - Some of the Time
- - - Others for a limited amount of time.
In this case 30 days.
Nowhere on the page does it say that there is only a 30 day limit to review the contents of the webpage.

For those of us who research on the American Legislative Exchange Council - this scrubbing of information from their webpage is disheartening.
It shows ALEC's total distaste for transparency.

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