Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh, No! ALEC Never Had A Public Affairs Office

Oh, my .....
Today - two pieces of pro-ALEC propaganda in the newspapers.

One of the pieces interviews ALEC PR poobah, Bill Meierling in detail and notes:
Meierling said ALEC didn't have a public affairs office until he was hired a little more than a year ago.
Oh, my ........
That's what started off my day - more lying from ALEC
When they lie so much - you can't help but question everything they say - bunch of psychopaths.
    BTW:  they had plenty of PR people in the past
    2011  "according to ALEC Senior Director of Public Affairs Raegan Weber"
    2009 - "For more information, contact the ALEC Public Affairs office." 
    2002 - In an ALEC report - - -  Graphic Design: ALEC Public Affairs
    1993 - an ALEC article written by By Noel R. Card Director of Public Affairs
           he was ALEC Director of Public Affairs for 9 years & 4 months
or this from a bio on the web
    Wolf served as director of public affairs for ALEC

More deception - fed to the media by the American Legislative Exchange Council staff - so much for transparency.

HEY BILL! Listen Up!

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