Monday, October 31, 2011

Banks - Obscene Revenues; Customers - Obscene Fees

From Think Progress this morning:
Facing continued consumer pressure, Bank of America is pulling back from its debit-card fee by allowing customers to avoid the monthly $5 charge “by maintaining minimum balances, having paychecks direct-deposited or using Bank of America credit cards.”

Minimum Balance:  Is till at $20,000 – oh, yeh - I've got that much extra cash - ha!.
Paychecks directly deposited:  Most of us do that already – not a big yahoo!
Using Bank of America Credit Cards:  What the yearly charge for this card?  What’s the credit rate on these cards and how often would you be required to use them?

Ha! - Don’t let them fool you – they will still screw you – if you stay with them.
They are sitting in their big old leather chairs - with their feet on their desks - taking bets on how gullible  the American people are.  If you believe this crap (that they won't add fees to debit cards) - you are one of those gullible people.

Gullible:  easily taken in or tricked; a cant term for "dupe, sucker"

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From Huffington Post – Last week
Bank of America earned billions of dollars in profits last quarter, even as banking officials expressed concern recently about the effects of new regulations on their bottom line.

The bank reported third quarter gains of $6.2 billion, compared to a $7.3 billion loss during the same quarter last year.

From Mercury News – last week
Wells Fargo's third-quarter profit soared to a record, but the San Francisco-based bank's revenue slumped in an economy that the company said Monday was more sluggish than experts had expected.

Wells Fargo earned $4.06 billion, up 21 percent from the year-ago quarter. Revenue totaled $19.63 billion, down 3.7 percent.

From CNN Money – two weeks ago
NEW YORK ( -- JPMorgan Chase said it earned $4.4 billion during the third quarter on Wednesday, an increase of 23% from a year ago, as loan loss reserves continued to decline

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