Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hey! ALEC Members – You gutless wonders...

For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase “gutless wonder” – my mother used to use that phrase for a person who was such a coward that she had to wonder how they managed to crawl out of bed each day.

In a "Statement from ALEC on NPR Story dated 10/29/10"
 ALEC is a private organization similar to membership organizations such as the YMCA.

That is the excuse that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) gives for NOT publishing their member lists.

ALEC - an organization that writes legislation that protects corporations and the top 1% will not give out their membership list based on that statement.

A really quick review of the legislator biographies of a couple of state Blue/Redbooks  shows:
Iowa – 4 acknowledge YMCA activities – 2 people acknowledge their ALEC affiliation AND this is in a state where legislative members HAVE TO OPT OUT of ALEC membership.  A state that automatically makes legislative members – members of ALEC  - unless they opt out.
Wisconsin – 9  acknowledge YMCA activities – 3 people acknowledge their ALEC affiliation
Illinois– 4  acknowledge YMCA activities – NONE people acknowledge their ALEC affiliation

SO ALEC -  why are your members reluctant to acknowledge their membership?

Is it because
·   ALEC wants to privatize government services and give them to ALEC corporate members to run
·   ALEC wants to sell of government assets to ALEC’s private corporate members
·   ALEC is a strong tenther movement so they can deregulate at the state level for ALEC corporate members – dirty air and water for the citizens of your state, less regulations for ALEC corporate members.

Why is this important?
·    Because the American Legislative Exchange Council and their ALEC members are the protectors of the corporations and the 1%.
·    Yes – YOUR legislator may be to blame for the mess the United States is in.  YOUR legislators may be a member of ALEC – protecting and serving the corporations and 1% - and you don’t even know it.
·    YES! – YOUR legislator may be to blame!  IF they are an ALEC member - they are working for the corporations and 1% and NOT YOU!

ALEC legislators and ALEC ALUMNI
   Propose legislation to promote corporate greed
   Stall legislation to stop corporate greed
   Propose legislation that benefits the top 1%
             Example: Cantor, Boehner and McMorris-Rodgers are ALEC ALUMNI

For a comprehensive list of people who are or have been affiliated with ALEC – please use the link in this  Daily Kos diary which lists over 2,200 ALEC people.

We MUST make sure that ALL ALEC state legislators and ALEC Alumni are NOT RE-ELECTED!
This would be an effective solution to eliminating corporate greed!

Yesterday in an ALEC Tweet reported on ALEC Exposed it was noted                  
                     "Believe it or not: Less educated legislators do a better job." 
So not only are ALEC members - gutless - this would imply they are considered pretty damn dumb by the very organization they belong to.

Hey ALEC Members – You gutless wonders –
It's time!
Time for you to do a photo op on the capitol steps with ALL the state ALEC members and your corporate cronies that you are protecting.

Time for you to do a press conference with liberal reporters to explain how what you are currently doing as a member of ALEC should not be considered traitorous - you less educated legislators do know what that means - correct?

For more information on ALEC –

And watch this news video  from North Carolina on how other ALEC "model legislation" is going to screw the citizens of North Carolina - legislation introduced by ALEC legislators.

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