Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybe, What Was Good for Walker - Was Good for Kasich?

What seems like a million years ago - I posted the following entry (it was one of four entries I did) regarding Kasich's campaign funding.

Today something I read made me think back to this posting and all of the Kasich donations that just seemed so questionable to me when I reviewed them - back in February of this year.

Still rubbing my head on this one.

I've looked at quite a few campaign contributors reports in my day.
Never seen this before and it seems really hinky to me.

88 Homemakers that contributed a total of  $946,635.56
10 students that contributed a total of  $108,372.80
46 retired people who contributed a total of  $491,403. 92
   For a total of $1,546,412.28 of campaign contributions

   from people who would appear to have  "limited reportable income"?

Where did they find these people - I'm sure a lot of other politicians would like to know.

On the report reported to and posted by the OH Secretary of State under
I had just completed a look at Kasich's campaign finance and was astounded by the number of housewives and students that donated $10,000 and $15,000 to his campaign .  I guess I'm biased against Ohio - but I just couldn't comprehend that many people in Ohio having that kind of money to fork over to Kasich.

Well, today I was reading an article on Scott Walker and the John Doe investigation going on in Wisconsin.

And I found this tidbit.

This probe already has netted one conviction. William Gardner, president of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, was sentenced in July to two years of probation after acknowledging funneling at least $72,800 in illegal and excessive campaign contributions to Walker and other candidates since 2003. The investigation into Gardner was conducted as part of the ongoing John Doe, according to court documents.

Gardner's illegal campaign donations came to light in April 2010, after his former girlfriend, Stacey Long, contacted the GAB about Gardner's request in late 2009 that she donate $10,000 of his money to Walker under her name.

Maybe it's time for Ohio and the Feds - to do a John Doe on Kasich's contributions?
There may be a former housewife or student out there that is willing to "fess up" to wrong doing.

Since all these ALEC guys are connected in philosophy - maybe what was good for Walker - was good for Kasich?

Just a thought... because these "individual" donations to Kasich still seem hinky to me - ten months later.  

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