Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ongoing Corporate Greed - This is Why We OccupyMN

I very seldom watch our local right wing CBS TV station.  In the mornings I briefly listen to their radio station for traffic and weather.  I normally change the channel before I get out of my car when I get to work as during the day it becomes more and more right wing talk radio throughout the day.

When I left for my lunch - my radio station was still on the right wing radio station and they were talking about a news article that was on the right wing TV station last night - that I of course did not see.

The gist of the conversation and the TV report (which you can see here) was that the worker is getting screwed again.

"Parasole, which owns 12 restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities, will now be taking 2 percent of a server’s credit card tips, according to employees  ...  Other Twin Cities restaurant companies are taking the same approach."

What this means is
If you put a tip on the check and use your credit card to pay  ...
The restaurant will take 2% of the tip away from the server to cover credit card fees.

This cost  is already covered in the overhead / direct costs of the restaurants budget - yet they are willing to screw their employees for more profit in their pockets.

This is why we MUST  #OccupyMN!

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