Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe the Brits Can DESTROY ALEC

Gotta love the Brits – they come right to the point and with such succinctness.
Many times if I want the real news about what is happening in the United States I read papers from other countries.

Here’s an exquisite example of writing from The Guardian out of the UK in an article that outlines some issues that ALEC is having over there.

Please read it the whole article – these excerpts are very good - the entire article is very good.

The work of Herbert Spencer, for example, was sponsored by Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller and Thomas Edison.

Social security, publicly funded education, compulsory vaccination, laws enforcing safety at work all interrupted social evolution. But a self-regulated free market would swiftly ensure that those who were best adapted would survive and triumph. It's not hard to see why the millionaires loved him. They saw themselves as winners of the evolutionary race,

As a result of better transparency laws in the US, we know more about Atlantic Bridge's partner organisation, the American Legislative Exchange Council. It claims, like most thinktanks, to stand for limited government and free markets.

Freedom is what all these groups claim to stand for. But the freedom they promote is of a particular kind. They are not campaigning for freedom from hunger or poverty. They are not demanding free access to health and education. They are not lobbying for freedom from industrial injuries, exploitation, pollution or unscrupulous banking. When these libertarians say freedom, they mean freedom from the rules that prevent their sponsors behaving as they wish: mistreating their workers, threatening public health and using the planet as their dustbin.

My wish would be that this stink that is happening in Britain (which is all over the internet) would cause ALEC so many problems it causes them to implode.

God knows no one with real power in the United States is willing to step up to the plate and challenge this damn organization - maybe the Brits can destroy ALEC for us.

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