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Koch Brothers - Screw U - We Can Do Whatever We Want - MUST READ

A recent article by Bloomberg has finally come out on the Koch brothers and Koch Industries.  There have been rumors about it all week and how the Koch bothers have been trying to make this go away and have it whitewashed.

It's a long article - PLEASE read it all, you MUST read it and send the link to everyone you know.
It won't shock and awe you - 'cause we know they are bastards - this just adds more proof to the the argument that they are lying, cheating, arrogant, anti-American bastards - who will buy and sell whatever can be sold - even if it destroys America.

Snips from the article are below in italics to get your interest.

For six decades around the world, Koch Industries has blazed a path to riches -- in part, by making illicit payments to win contracts, trading with a terrorist state, fixing prices, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations. At the same time, Charles and David Koch have promoted a form of government that interferes less with company actions.

This explains why taking the American legislative Exchange council (ALEC) international is so important to the Koch’s and their buddies.
"…have taken a small oil company they inherited from their father, Fred, after his death in 1967, and built it into a chemical, textile, trading and refining conglomerate spanning more than 50 countries."

Why do I not find this surprising – just like ALEC – the less the public knows the more we can get away with.  Just like ALEC who files an extension on their 990 every but it never seems to surface and the IRS doesn’t question it.
"Koch Industries is obsessed with secrecy, to the point that it discloses only an approximation of its annual revenue -- $100 billion a year -- and says nothing about its profits."

And what products should you be boycotting each and every day?
"...Lycra fiber and Stainmaster carpet. Georgia- Pacific LLC, which Koch owns, makes Dixie cups, Brawny paper towels and Quilted Northern bath tissue."

And they hate the United States – except when it's to their advantage to like it.
They inherited their anti-government leanings from their father.

What David Koch wants is what ALEC legislators do!
"David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian ticket, pledging to abolish Social Security, the Federal Reserve System, welfare, minimum wage laws and federal agencies..."

And just like ALEC – the Koch brothers think they can get away with anything and everything in the name of pro-business prosperity and traitorous behavior.
"A Bloomberg Markets investigation has found that Koch Industries -- in addition to being involved in improper payments to win business in Africa, India and the Middle East -- has sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran, a country the U.S. identifies as a sponsor of global terrorism."

....Mausen sued Koch for severance and performance pay in the
Arles Labor Court
in southern France.

On Sept. 27, 2010, the court said Mausen hadn’t acted on his own.

“It was not Mr. Mausen alone who was giving authorizations,” the court wrote.

Company policy required approval from other Koch-Glitsch managers, including Christoph Ender, the president of Koch- Glitsch for Europe and Asia, the court said.

And just like ALEC they falsify reports and statistics to suit their purposes
"...when she worked for Koch, her bosses and a company lawyer at the Koch refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas, asked her to falsify data for a report to the state on uncontrolled emissions of benzene, a known cause of cancer."

“How much lawless behavior are we going to tolerate from any one company?” asks David Uhlmann, who oversaw the prosecution of the Koch refinery division when he was chief of the environmental crimes unit at the U.S. Department of Justice. “Corporate cultures reflect the priorities of the corporation and its senior officials.”
Good question –  - really good question - excellent question.
Let’s see if anybody has the guts to do anything about this.

“It sounds like a smoking gun,” says Beale, who co- authored “Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement” (Thompson West, 2010). “It really should get the Justice Department’s attention. When you have a smoking gun, you launch an investigation.”

Such a probe would fall under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a 1977 law that makes it illegal for companies and their subsidiaries to pay bribes to government officials and employees of state-owned companies.

UNLESS the Koch's have already had their ALEC ALUMNI in Congress get rid of that Act and replace it with ALEC legislation that protects them - wait andd see.

"Charles Koch wrote in “The Science of Success: How Market-Based Management Built the World’s Largest Private Company” (Wiley, 2007). “We must build a positive reputation based on reality, or others will create one for us based on speculation or animus and we won’t like what they create.”
AND to make sure that what they create is what the Koch's want -  we need to make sure that 2/3 of all state legislators do our bidding and over 100 members of the US Congress and we need to make sure that those that leave political office are appointed to judgeships and federal positions to do our bidding.

Hey Texas Look what the Koch Bothers did to you!
On Jan. 6, 1995, Koch’s refining unit informed the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, or TNRCC, that it had installed a new anti-pollution device called a Thermatrix that used flameless heat to burn off the benzene. The machine lacked sufficient capacity for the job, Barnes-Soliz says, and refinery workers disconnected it within days.

“The refinery was just hemorrhaging benzene into the atmosphere,” she says.

Three months after disconnecting the machine, Koch filed a quarterly report with Texas regulators, while concealing that it had violated the emission rules.

... She found 91 metric tons of uncontrolled benzene emissions, more than 15 times higher than what the rules allowed.
… Those levels of emissions could increase the cancer risk to refinery employees and the public, she says.

On April 8, 1996, Koch reported to Texas regulators that its Corpus Christi plant had uncontrolled emissions of 0.61 metric tons for 1995, or 1/149th the quantity she had found.

Hey - Minnesota - Look at what Koch has done to us (Flint Hills Resources in Rosemount).
A Koch unit in Rosemount, Minnesota, pleaded guilty in 1999 to two federal misdemeanors of violating the Clean Water Act and paid $8 million in fines and penalties. The company used fire hydrants to pump more than a million gallons of wastewater contaminated with ammonia onto the ground.

Koch also increased its dumping of wastewater on weekends when it didn’t monitor discharges, circumventing the reporting requirement of its permit, the EPA said. Koch also admitted that it negligently released between 200,000 gallons (757 kiloliters) and 600,000 gallons of aviation fuel into a nearby wetland.

Hey - Oklahoma Native American Tribes – Look at what they did to you!
Koch Industries also spent much of the 1990s defending itself against what a U.S. Senate subcommittee called a widespread scheme to steal oil on Indian land.

The investigators caught Koch Oil’s employees falsifying records so that the company would get more crude than it paid for, shortchanging Indian families, Elroy said. Koch’s records showed that the company took 1.95 million barrels of oil it didn’t pay for from 1986 to 1988, according to data compiled by the Senate.

“The theft is widespread and pervasive, and these people are being horribly victimized,” Elroy testified.

The committee concluded in a November 1989 report that Koch Oil had engaged in a widespread, sophisticated scheme to steal millions of barrels of oil.

Let’s see now – aren’t we currently trying to stop the Koch XL Canadian tar sands pipeline through the Midwest – well I would hope so based on this:

The 570-mile-long pipeline carrying liquid butane from Medford, Oklahoma, to Mont Belvieu, Texas had corroded so badly that one expert, Edward Ziegler, likened it to Swiss cheese.

Ziegler told the jury that he’d never seen a company disregard safety to this extent in his more than 25- year career.

‘A Total Failure’
“This is an example of a total failure of a company to follow the regulations, keep their pipeline safe and operate it as the regulations require,” Ziegler, who now operates his own pipelines, testified.

“You feel totally betrayed,” Bentu says. “Everything Koch stood for was a lie.”
Well - not quite everything.

It won't shock and awe you - 'cause we know they are bastards - this just adds more proof to the the argument.

Don't you get it America - the Koch's are fucking with America because they can - they have total disregard for everything and everyone - their behavior is what would be probably referred to in a psych class as              textbook - psychopaths.

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