Thursday, July 28, 2011

ALEC - Picking on the Special Ed Kids

When I was in school I knew kids who picked on the special ed kids - they would push them, call them names, play dirty tricks on them.
Well those bullies grew up to be state legislators that now belong to ALEC.

This is just 'effing wrong.
And to think the right wing pundits are circling their editorial wagons around this piece of shit organization - the "left is picking on ALEC"!
SCREW 'EM!  ALEC and all their right wing pundits.

When I first read ALEC's stuff on special ed vouchers - I KNEW they weren't being altruisitc in their intent.  But I wasn't smart enought to know why it was wrong.

You have to READ THIS
and email it to everyone you know to read.

You DON'T pick on the Special Ed kids - didn't their mother ever tell them that?
Mine did - because my brother was in the special ed class.

Assholes - every single ALEC member is an asshole - because they support this crap they call legislation and they introduce it into our states and they "make the litle children suffer" - ASSHOLES - every single one of them.
I hope every ALEC member rots in hell - every single ALEC member on the face of the earth!

They are such digusting pieces of crap

we have to make sure that every ALEC member is NOT re-elected at he state and federal elvels.

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