Friday, July 1, 2011

Sad Day in Minnesota - Bull$hit!

Every person in Minnesota who is not working today -
or has been furloughed or
has been layed off can thank the Minnesota GOP!

The GOP has put Minnesotans out of work -
because they cannot negotiate on tax increases for the wealthiest Minnesotans -
they can not compromise on tax increases for the wealthiest Minnesotans.

 The GOP have shut down our state
and taken peoples paychecks away from them
to protect 7,700 people - the wealthiest people in Minnesota.

The GOP are protecting those 7,700  Minnesotans
who make - not have - make / earn
a MILLION dollars a year or more.

And for that - they shut down the state!

The GOP in Minnesota released a press release that today is a sad day in Minnesota because of the government shutdown.


The sad day in Minnesota was the last election day in November 2010 when the citizens of Minnesota elected  the GOP to control our state house and senate.

Dayton has negotiated his plan down to tax increases that would ONLY affect the wealthiest people in Minnesota - only 7,700  would be affected
and the GOP is still saying no.

The GOP is protecting the 7,700 wealthiest people in Minnesota from a a tax increase - the wealthiest people in Minnesota.
while they cut and slash and burn services for every other Minnesotan.

What a bunch of crap and I blame the GOP for the shutdown.
You can tell where the GOP  priorities are - with their wealthy benefactors -
to hell with every other citizen in the State of Minnesota.

The sad in day in Minnesota happened in November 2010.

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