Monday, July 11, 2011

MN Legislators Lie About ALEC Membership/Involvement

Would you re-elect your legislator if they lied to you -
bald faced lied to your face?

I wouldn't. 

AND I  would let others know that the representative had lied to me.
IMO Liars are deceitful people, they can not be trusted.
AND liars should not be in public service.

I had a dialogue offline with a reader about her experience getting her representatives to verify theif ALEC membership.

She had gone into action, writing to her representatives asking them if they were ALEC members. ( I was so happy to see that someone had actually taking action - she made me smile with her comment.)

Are you an ALEC member?
Her Senator said no, her representative said yes.

She was lucky,
because I have had Minnesota ALEC members
lie to me
about their ALEC membership and ALEC involvement.
Oops, not so much...
Her representative told her that he had not introduced any ALEC legislation.

I found her state rep King Baniain had not only introduced what certainly appears to be ALEC model legislation - but he had also co-introduced what certainly appears to be ALEC legislation with two of Minnesota's most prominent ALEC members Kiffmeyer and Drazkowski.

Baniain also said he wasn't going to the ALEC annual meeting in New Orleans, in August.  Guess we'll have to see if he really is in Minnesota, August 3 - 6.

First of All
Congratulations to her for taking action, contacting her legislators and asking them about their ALEC membership and their ALEC involvement.  Major kudos to her!

PLEASE contact your legislators and ask them if they are ALEC members, please.
See if they tell you the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


AGAIN - an example of treating constituents like stupid dumb people, that don't deserve the time of day
THIS ARROGANT ASSHOLE HAS TO GO!  Make sure he is not re-elected.

Minnesota ALEC members will outright lie to you about their ALEC membership and involvement.  Minnesota ALEC members have lied to me multiple times.  Some even continue lying even after I confront them with the ALEC "model legislation" they are introducing or co-introducing.

( I refuse to use the words author and co-author when it comes to ALEC legislation / legislator.  ALEC legislators don't author anything - they just copy and paste the "model legislation" from the ALEC webpage and call it their own - which is another lie!!!!!  ALEC members saying they authored ALEC "model legislation"  is an insult to those legislators who actually do author legislation.)

Kiffmeyer had her husband pay her dues and then she reimbursed him through her campaign funds. 

Minnesota ALEC members are so ashamed that they belong to ALEC that not one of the people I contacted admitted their membership until I confronted them with the fact that they are introducing or co-introducing ALEC legislature and I wanted to know why - and some of them continued lying.

To an ALEC legislator - I am just a stupid citizen who can be lied to - becausetheycan.

ALEC is such a despicable organization that ALEC members don’t want to admit that they belong to it.  When you belong to an organization that you are not willing to admit that you belong to – there is something extremely wrong with that organization.  It is usually only fringe organizations with radical/extreme agendas that have members who lie about their memberships.

So the real questions that beg to be asked are:
“Why do people belong to ALEC?” 
“What are they gaining from membership in ALEC?” 
“Why is being a member of ALEC such a bad thing that they won’t admit it,
          yet being member of ALEC  is such a good thing
             that they continue being a member?” 
Maybe – just maybe – ALEC’s corporate members have the answer for those questions.

These Minnesota ALEC legislators must not be re-elected to office.

If you are unwilling to remove them from office because they are an ALEC member -
   then remove them from office because they withhold information that the
   public has a right to know when it comes to disclosure of their ALEC membership.

Ask your representative -
    Are you a member of ALEC?  See if they lie to you - becausetheycan. Ibettheywill.

We deserve honest people representing us in Minnesota.

Just a note to Minnesota ALEC Members -
We will be taping you in New Orleans,
to prove you were there.
No sense hiding, or using the side door,
we're in the same hotel!
So put on a great big old smile
for us stupid citizens with the cameras rolling.

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