Friday, July 1, 2011

My Questions - A Week in Review

Some of the things that have been questions to me all week include:
  • Since the NBA and the NFL are represented by unions - is there a possibility that ALEC is behind the team owners decisions to lock them out?
  • If they are releasing oil reserves to bring gas prices down - why are they suppose to go up?  Speculators on Wall Street driving the price up artificially?
  • Are Marcus and Michelle Bachmann the Jim and Tammy Fay Baker's of Minnesota?
  • I went in to get new tabs for my license plates this week - why did they give me new plates?  My old ones are made of metal - have not worn out and frankly, I don't have any idea how I can get the old ones off my car.
    • A month later I went to put them on my car and guess what - the bolts on my rear plate are rusted and frozen.  Tried WD40, tried garage door lube, tried PBlaster - damn bolts won't loosen up. So for two months I've been driving around with the new plate on the front and an expired plate on the back - and the other new plate is on the passenger side floor with a screw driver for the cop who pulls me over to give it a try.
      • New Plates - fucking worst idea in the world - the old ones aren't worn out!
  • If corporate jets get a tax credit cause they idle at the gate to keep the temperature steady for the execs - can I get a tax credit cause I have to warm up my car in the winter time? 
  • Since all the TV news channels in Minneapolis are right wing in their news coverage and the only other channels my cable company gives me for news is Fox and CSPAN (where I see more ALEC members than anywhere else) - would I miss TV if I cancelled my cable?
Oh, well,  some things to ponder for another day.

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