Monday, July 4, 2011

This 4th of July sucked for me.

This 4th of July sucked for me.
I can’t stand this holiday this year – it’s as hypocritical as everything that is happening in our country today.

Knowing that no one with real power has the balls to stand up against the Koch brothers and to ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and everyone is willing to let them take over our country – just made the whole day suck.

No one in power gives a damn!  No one with real power is standing up for the citizens of the this country.

So the fireworks mean nothing –-  no longer holding any meaning – I can’t stand to watch them – to do so is hypocritical – celebrating democracy – what democracy?

We fought for our independence from Britain for what?
So the citizenry could sit on their asses while the corporations took over our country.
So our politicians could collude and scheme with the corporations to take over our country.
So the  Koch brothers and their rich friends can destroy America and turn us into a third world country – becausetheycan – and then jet off to their Swiss bank accounts for the rest of their lives and leave us to rot.

If the people with real power don't step up soon to help the grassroots movement stop the power of the Kochs and ALEC
all the soldiers that died over the past 230+ years protecting our democracy– died in vain.
What a sin – what a shame.
And no one with real power to do anything cares.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Koch owned States of America.
And to the corporations for which it stand
One plutocracy, ruled by Koch, with liberty and justice for none.

The citizens in Onio, Michigan and Wisconsin should go on TV with a message for the rest of the country
 and give us the finger.   We deserve it.

Happy fucking fourth of July!

Heil – Koch!   Heil – Koch!   Heil Koch!

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