Thursday, July 7, 2011

Republican President Obama to negotiate - To throw seniors under the bus.

Republican President Obama will be meeting with leaders of Congress today to hash out the Republican agenda.

As noted in a report in this mornings edition of the Washington Post and is confirmed in the NY Times - a White House insider has leaked that

Which is a major win for the Republican party.
In the same article it is reported that Republican President Obama has agreed to no tax increases  for the wealthiest Americans and for corporations.
Which is another major win for the Republican party.

"The president has reportedly already privately discussed his plan with Speaker of the House John Boehner. Michael Steel, spokesperson for Boehner, told the Washington Post “there are no tax increases on the table.”

This story also headlines the Republicans for Obama webpage.

My Editorial on This Development
It will be interesting to see who the Democrats bring to the table for the 2012 presidential election.  It is a bit surprising that the Democrats have not announced a candidate, as the Republican ticket, which includes Obama, has multiple candidates vying for the 2012 presidential ticket. 

Today's negotiations will surely strengthen the President's position for the 2012 Republican presidential ticket.   Obama has shown outstanding Republican conviction by bringing these two items to the table today - cutting Social Security and Medicare - and standing behind the two main tenets of the Republican party.  In addition, to the recommendation for cuts - Obama's earlier strategy to reduce funding to the Social Security program with a a 2% reduction in payroll tax - purposefully "de-funding" the Social Security program for as long as those payroll tax cuts are in effect, helps to strengthen the "insolvency issue" argument.  His tactics have been brilliant.

Today's negotiations will only solidify Obama's standing with the Republican base and guarantee him a strong position on the Republican ticket in 2012.

The "coup d grace' of this entire skirmish will result in removal of Democrats from government.  Since Democrats (being the minority) will not be able to save Medicare or Social Security, they will face limited re-election promise in 2012 and beyond, resulting in a Congress that will be approximately 100% Republican starting in the year 2012 and forward.  The strategic tactics of Obama, and his clever manuevering during his short time in office have stunned even the skeptics in the Republican party.  Obama's precision and mastery in forwarding the Republican agenda has been amazing.  It will  result in a total victory for the Republican party as the sole party of the United States House, Senate and Judiciary in 2012 and for many years to come.

During his Presidency, Obama has enacted some items that have been lauded by Democrats across the nation, but his overall message and performance have been true to the Republican party line  - in line with his Republican Congress.  Remaining  true to the Republican Party and  his Republican Congress majority, the president has made minimal progress toward enacting anything that would have a positive affect on the middle class economic position, while focusing on maintaining tax credits and loopholes for the wealthy and corporations.

Republican President Obama has stayed faithful to the demands of the Republican party and it appears that he will be aggressively seeking enactment of portions of the Ryan plan, taking Social Security and Medicare - which have not had any impact on the present deficit - and slashing them - becausehecan.

No snark here - I'm pissed.
Obama is not my Democratic president today.
And I'm guessing today - HE NEVER WAS!

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