Friday, July 1, 2011

Bachmann & Pawlenty Should be on TV Cheering the MN GOP

Where are they?

Aren't they proud of what the MN GOP have done?

Aren't they proud that the MN GOP are holding the party line?

Aren't you proud that the Minnesota GOP has shut down the state to protect Pawlenty's "no new taxes" bullshit! 

Where are you - you hypocrites -
stand up - call a press conference,
take credit for the work of your Minnesota GOP partners.

Don't you dare blame Dayton!

The Minnesota GOP House and Senate have done exactly what you wanted them to -
no new taxes - smaller government

Minnesota GOP are protecting the 7,700 wealthiest Minnesotans - people who EARN a million dollars or more a year from new taxes - aren't you proud?

Minnesota GOP are gutting social programs - aren't you proud?

Minnesota GOP are gutting the K-12 funding - aren't you proud?

Bachmann - Pawlenty
step up to the cameras and congratulate your MN GOP!

Then call the KOCH brothers and say -
We're winning in Minnesota -
after all you BOTH have direct lines to David Koch.

Pawlenty speaks   -  Shut down is good thing!
Pawlenty told reporters on Thursday that Republicans needed to stand their ground….he wishes his own shutdown standoff in 2005 had lasted even longer.

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