Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just a Little Note from Me

As many of you who are my followers know - up until the big announcements two weeks ago about ALEC on the Center for Media and Democracy, my site had state pages on it that showwed the list of people that I had identified as being involved with ALEC.

I had to take those pages down and go back and complete research to pull verifiable citations for every person on my lists before I was willing to repost the lists.  I have now completed that project and will be reposting, by state, the information that I have.  The reposting is time consuming - so give me about a week to get everything back up.

All the information supporting the names on the lists has been pulled from public documents on the web - you are able to verify every one of these names, using the web.  If the name is not on the web - I have not included the name in the list  - because I can't cite it.

Watch this week - as the states get reposted.
Sorry for the inconvenience - in the meantime visit this webpage if you are looking for lists of people involved with ALEC or want to review ALEC "model legislation".

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