Friday, July 1, 2011

MN Shutdown - GOP Refuses Tax Increases for 7,700 citizens

The state of Minnesota is CLOSED
The MN GOP shut down the state
to stop tax increases
on 7,700 people.

Now if that isn't worth it's own entry - I don't know what is.

Minnesota GOP - are you proud of yourself?

You brought the entire state to a halt for 7,700 people.

7,700 people who EARN a million dollars or more -
won't have to pay additional taxes because of your stand on "no new taxes"

Minnesota GOP - You are pathetic losers.

Voting has consequences and Minnesota -
feel the pain - feel it and remember this when you go to the polls the next time.

The State of Minnesota
shut down
because of GOP pledge
of no new taxes
for 7,700  people.

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