Friday, November 11, 2011

ALEC "Model Legislation" - SSDD Year After Year After Year

I’m always writing about the tenacity of the America Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
ALEC is like a nasty blood-sucking mosquito
– you can’t just brush them away
– ‘cause they will just keep coming back. 
You have to smash them – that’s the only way to make them go away.

I perused the ALEC Exposed webpage on legislation just for giggles and I found the following pieces of legislation.

Prohibition on Compensation Deductions Act
The Prohibition on Compensation Deductions Act prohibits state agencies and political subdivisions of the state from deducting from the compensation of any employee any money from which a contribution is made to a political committee or to an intermediary through which any amount is provided to a political committee. (Update '96, pg. 53)

1998 – May
This Act requires labor organizations to establish separate funds for political purposes, establishes registration for the fund, establishes certain criminal provisions governing a labor organization's political activities, and prohibits employees from authorizing automatic payroll deductions for contributions to a labor organization's political committee or fund except through an explicit, signed statement  (May 1998)

1999 – January
Public Employer Payroll Deduction Policy Act
This model bill prohibits the payroll deduction of membership dues by public employers. Section 4. {Public Employer Payroll Deduction Policy} No dues, fees, assessments or any other automatic payroll deductions by public employers from public employee payroll compensation shall be allowed for transmission to any public employee organization, any intermediary, or a private individual, other than for primary and supplemental pension plans, life, health and other employee benefits, or contributions made to 501C(3) charitable organizations through a workplace givings program Adopted by the CIED Task Force at the States and Nation Policy Summit, December 2, 1998. Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors January 1999.

Also January 1999
Political Funding Reform Act
This model bill prohibits the payroll deduction of monies used for political purposes. It also
establishes penalties for a violation of this section.
D. Therefore, it is the public policy of this State to prohibit the use of any government
resources to collect or assist in the collection of political funds or to promote or assist in
the political activity on behalf of any private individual or organization. (January 1999)

May 2004
Voluntary Contributions Act
The Voluntary Contributions Act requires labor organizations that engage in political
activities to keep a segregated fund for political contributions. It further specifies that
contributions to that fund will be on a voluntary basis and the contribution shall be made
directly by the donor. In addition, the Act prohibits payroll withholding of funds to be
used for political purposes.  (May 2004)

Do you know what this is all about?

Take a look back at the legislation….
Do you notice the change in language?
Go back and read the titles – see how the tone changes over time?
Same shit – different day – just packaged differently.

Based on the other ALEC literature that I have read…
It’s all about ALEC’s perception that unions only back Democratic candidates.
The logic of ALEC is
        if you destroy the unions – the Democrats will be destroyed.

They hold the same logic with civil lawyers – that’s why you see ALEC focusing on tort reform.
It’s all about ALEC’s perception that civil lawyers only back Democratic candidates.
The logic of ALEC is
        if you destroy the civil lawyers – the Democrats will be destroyed.

In 1998 Bonnie Sue Cooper – the ALEC's 1997 National Chair wrote these words:
“ALEC is dedicated to advancing policies that will restore the American dream.”
And they keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going and keep going and...

As far as I am concerned these nasty little ALEC pests have sucked the life out of the "American Dream" in favor of the "Corporate and Top 2% Dream".

Bonnie Sue may have thought she was riding a white horse back in 1998
- may god forgive her for the damage ALEC and the Koch brothers
have done to American democracy.

ALEC must be destroyed.
ALEC doesn’t give up. 

That’s why we need to swat them down
by making sure that ALEC members
are not elected or re-elected
to the state or federal legislatures.

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