Friday, November 18, 2011

Maintain the "Move Your Money" Campaign

Don't think because you missed November 5th that you shouldn't move your money.

Here is an excellent diary at Daily Kos that will remind you that every dollar you put into a credit union or a local bank - goes back to the community and not the the Wall Street Banksters.

Please SHOP LOCALLY for the holiday season
- give ALEC members like- Walmart,, Walgreens, Amazon
and all the others the Big Heave Ho Ho Ho for the holidays.

The "Move Your Money" project is big... and it will hurt Wall Street vastly more than most people realize. This is because for every $1 moved out of the Wall Street banks, $20 is moved out of the Wall Street casino.

Wait... what??? It's true. You think your $1,000 savings account is too small to matter? Think again. Say you move your $1,000 out of a Wall Street bank, and into a local bank or credit union. You're immediately injecting $1,000 of capital into your local economy,

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