Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday =- 11/5 #Occupy Everywhere - YOU are the 99%

YOU have nothing better to do than to #Occupy -  tomorrow Saturday November 5th.

Really - you don't -
there is nothing in your life that will take the ENTIRE day on Saturday that leaves you no time to #Occupy.

There is nothing in your life than is so important preventing you from spending a couple of hours "Occupying" - On Saturday November 5th.

You don't have to say a damn thing - just show up and #occupy.

You don't have to move your butt down the street in protest - just show up and #occupy.

Just get to your #Occupy site and "pop a squat" for a couple of hours.

The weather is cooperating tomorrow
Show up and #Occupy.


There are really are NO excuses that are acceptable for an ENTIRE 24 hour period - I'm not asking for your entire day or your entire lifetime - I am asking you to just show up for awhile.

The only excuses are the ones you make up in your own mind.

But then I'm sure at least one of you has an excuse that you feel you must put in a comment box - which I won't publish and I won't read.
There is NO Excuse - that lasts for 24 hours.  NONE!

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