Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CAIN PAC Blog - May Have Gone Too Far

Imagine this won't be around long - they had to know that the bloggers would pick up on it.

Herman Cain PAC page at 12:35pm on November 9, 2011
Check out the link - it's the real deal.
           You can find it in the November archives on the second page of listings.

IF this webpage is really connected to Herman Cain - which I could not verify  ... 
the CAIN PAC may want to reel in the REAL horse's a$$
- the author of the page - listed as MP
- and Herman Cain himself. 

This page got 528 likes - tells you a lot about the Herman Cain followers.

The one thing is - if you are looking for a misogynist
          - I guess you can talk to Herman Cain or go to this website about Herman Cain.

Wonder if there's a lawsuit possible here - she's not a political figure.
And it's too late - 'cause copies of this are all over the web.

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