Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MN 11/8 School Levy Results

A lot of people are searching for the results of the Minnesota School tax referendum / levy votes from last night November 8th.

Unfortunately - IMHO

The lines listed as "PASS" are those school district's that voted for
"President Grover Norquist" and support the damn state and federal Republican legislator's  stance of No New Taxes.

The lines listed as FAILED are those school districts who had the guts to say NO to
"President Grover Norquist" and gave the finger to the damn state and federal Republican legislator's stance of No New Taxes.

Voting has consequences and I refuse to support the Republican state and federal legislator's stance of NO NEW TAXES

So I have committed myself to a NO! to  NEW LEVY / REFERENDUMs for city, county or school expenses.

You want to elect Republicans in Minnesota - go right ahead -  then you can live without additional funding for cities, counties and schools. 

This Democrat isn't going to continue to pay for your mistakes in the voting booth anymore. 

You support "NO NEW TAXES"??????  
- Well, my vote -  always for city, county and school - will be NO NEW TAXES!!!

The state and federal legislative Republicans are to blame for this mess and I'm not giving the city or school anymore of my damn money - I have signed the NO NEW LEVY PLEDGE.

President Grover Norquist
- I don't remember voting for him
- I don't remember ever seeing his name on a damn ballot

but he is the person with control of the entire United States -  through the Republicans.

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