Saturday, November 26, 2011

ALEC Sign Upsets Wisconsin Republican

Found this posted on DU and had to share, too good not to share with more
- The people fighting the good fight in Wisconsin are the best!!!!!

The Wisconsin members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are the scum of the earth.

One of our First Amendment warriors was removed from the Wisconsin State Assembly Gallery and arrested for "disorderly conduct" (as many have been) for holding a sign that referenced ALEC, and she was holding up several dollar bills. The great thing was that she was pointed out by a republican legislator during the session - "Would someone remove that woman who has the ALEC sign and the money...," which gave the Dems the opportunity to respond that she obviously was there for the republicans.

OK, so we're under such an attack that we have to get our pleasure in simple ways...

Good luck with your action, and thank you for helping to educate about ALEC.

Ott (R) is the one who asked for ***** to be removed.

Pocan (D) then stood up ONCE AGAIN to try to get the republicans to consider a bill to honor the First Amendment in the Assembly.

Sinicki (D) is the one who clarified that if there's someone from ALEC, they're there for the republicans, not for the Dems.

On that night, there were 18 arrests for people either holding a piece of paper, or having a camera (or facsimile thereof) in the Gallery.

I was told repeatedly to put down my 4" x 6" flag, but was not arrested for it, while people WERE arrested for holding a 3" x 5" card "like a sign."


Watch it unfold here....

Ott - Protecting ALEC members is a waste of time!
ALEC members made their choice - time to reap the consequences!

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