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Brownback - Demonstrates ALEC Machismo

A little bit of trivia and history before I get this piece going.

Did you know ALEC had a TV Show? 
National Empowerment Television (NET), also known as America's Voice, was a cable TV network designed to rapidly mobilize Religious Right followers for grassroots lobbying. It was created by Paul M. Weyrich, a key strategist for the secular and religious right. At its peak, it claimed to reach more than 11 million homes.

NET began in 1993 as a project of Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation and went to air for the first time on December 6, 1993.

However, Weyrich's strident political tone brought him into conflict with Robert Sutton, a broadcast executive who had been hired to run the network. Sutton persuaded the network's board to force out Weyrich in a hostile takeover, but the station continued to flounder financially. In 2000, it was purchased by E-Cine, a Dallas-based multimedia company, which briefly returned Weyrich to the airwaves before succumbing to bankruptcy later that year.  (Source:  Wiki)

Reported in the ALEC States and Nation newsletter Summer of 1995
ALEC is "On the Air"
First Interactive Show Between the States and Congress
Broadcasts Over NET  Source:  ALEC

Call it long-distance caucusing. Or virtual conferencing. Actually, either description is appropriate for STATE LINES, ALEC'S live network broadcast on the Free Congress Foundation's National Empowerment Television Network (NET). In a world where everyone seems too busy to slow down, congressional leaders in Washington and state legislators across the nation are able to discuss issues on STATE LINES without anyone ever leaving town. Viewers at home—or at legislative caucuses across the country — interact in real-time with congressmen and business leaders at NET's Washington studio.  

In the aftermath of the November 1994 election where voters cried out for less government, STATE LINES was birthed as a means to advance the popular push for a return to federalism. From the beginning, the STATE LINES production staff envisioned the broadcasts to be intimate and thoughtful sessions carried on between members of Congress and legislators in every state.  STATE LINES is broadcast in more than 37 major metropolitan areas and may be found in more than 16 million homes. NET began airing the one-hour show February 1. Since then, more than 30 Members of Congress have appeared and discussed issues that apply to the states. Through July (26 shows), the congressmen and private sector guests had responded to calls from nearly 100 legislators from 45 states.  

“ There is no other show out there that allows state legislators and Congressmen to have such close interaction."  

May 24: The federal bugdet [sic] was the subject for the full hour. Congressmen Sam Brownback (Kan.) and Mike Parker (Miss.) were the guests.

This is as close as I have come to proving that Sam Brownback is affiliated to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  And in my opinion it’s a pretty good link when you consider the fact that he was on a ALEC show, specifically designed to “educate” ALEC legislators.

In addition – he wrote the forward to the ALEC report “Rich States Poor States” in 2011.  Giving Brownback almost 20 years of friendship and affiliation with ALEC.  

Today's Topics About Brownback
Well the topic today is Sam Brownback and his lack of tolerance – which IMHO is a trademark of anyone affiliated with ALEC – megalomaniacs who don’t like to be questioned.

Two things happened this week that people should know about.

First – reported by Think Progress and well worth the read for multiple reasons

In a blatant violation of the First Amendment, a public high school in Prairie Village, Kansas disciplined a student for speaking out against Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS):

During the session, in which Brownback addressed the group, Sullivan posted on her personal Twitter page: “Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot”

It’s troubling that Brownback’s staff is so thin skinned that they felt the need to call down the government’s wrath on a high school student who had the audacity to criticize the governor.

Second – A piece that showed up on Daily Kos with a link to a disturbing account of use of violence at a Brownback townhall meeting – another account well worth the read.

When the protesters were finished, they walked peacefully out of the room but not before some four to five police officers came rushing in as if terrorists were on the loose. I was sitting at a table near the entrance and I was alarmed over how serious and determined the police seemed to be as they came into the room. As one officer passed my table, I heard him say something about finding the ringleader or getting the leader. I never imagined these officers would be so brutal in their treatment to one protester in particular.

It should be noted for the record that there were some tall men protesting that day. However, the Wichita police officers decided to pick on the short women.

That's right; the Wichita police arrested 61-year-old Doris Gent (Ravenfeather) a Native American woman who happens to have a disabled child at home and a husband who has been laid off from work.

This 'dangerous citizen' was duly thrown into the wall at the Drury Hotel, with her arm pulled up so violently and twisted from behind that the next day she had to visit Wesley Hospital's Emergency Room. She has bruises on her arm and a strained neck. She was given pain killers and told she would feel a lot worse before she got better.

This is why we MUST protest ALEC. 
ResistALEC in Phoenix on November 30.

This is why we MUST remove all ALEC affiliated legislators from office.

ALEC and ALEC members think they own the world
and that citizens have no rights in an “ALEC World” 
- ONLY ALEC corporate sector / private enterprise members have rights  ... 

and for that reason ALEC must be destroyed.

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