Saturday, June 18, 2011

ALEC Training - Screwing Minnesotans

From the April 2011 of Inside ALEC the following item:

ALEC led a five-hour intensive training session on budget reform
for Minnesota state legislators. Jonathan Williams and Bob Williams,
Private Sector Chair of the Tax & Fiscal Policy Task Force,
both spoke and educated legislators on ALEC’s budget reform
ideas. Approximately 75 legislators and staff—including committee
chairs and senior legislators—participated in this valuable

Valuable training that promotes corporatocracy.
Valuable training that destroys the concept of representative government.
Valuable training that has nothing to do with the constituents of the State of MN.
Valuable training that screws every Minnesotan.

I can't remember the last time the constituents got five f#cking hours with their legislator.

We pay the bills - the corporations get the benefits.
What a crock of shit and no one with the power to do anything is saying or doing anything about this scourge on democracy.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the Kochs have won and the average citizen is screwed.

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