Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Target , WalMart - WalMart, Target - Target WalMart

Six of one - half a dozen of the other

For those of you who are use to the target logo and even shop there once in awhile  ( I won't shop there anymore after they gave money to homophobic candidate Tom Emmer in Minnesota.)

                     Here's their anti-union propoganda video you may want to view.
                     Watch the whole thing -
                       it may make you think twice before you shop there again.

Employment attorney Marshall Tanick says it’s perfectly legal for Target to bombard its employees with anti-union propaganda, but making threats or promises to try and dissuade them is prohibited.

“It certainly has a tendency to discourage people,” said Tanick, of the video. “Whether it crosses the legal line or not remains to be seen, but it comes pretty close.”

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