Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bachmann - Run, baby, run!

I live in Bachmann's district in Minnesota.  The district is about 66% ultra-conservative Republicans.  It gets kind of lonely and scary over on my side of the district, being a liberal.  The last election when volunteers for a Democratic candidate went door to door - they were called  "communists" by some of the people who answered the door.

Back to Bachmann
Yesterday Ed Schultz was pontificating about how Bachmann was going to get the Republican nomination for 2012.

The whole time he was talking - all I could think was - "The longer she stays in the 2012 presidential race, the less chance we have of her running for office in the sixth district again."  Woo- Hoo!

But I say that cautiously - I really don't think she has a chance at the national level, but I don't ever take anything for granted - Minnesotans did vote Jesse Ventura into office - so you never know what will happen during an election.

So, Michele - you go ahead - move forward on your national political agenda.

Run, baby, run.
And hopefully we won't have to listen to your crap in the sixth district ever again.

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