Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking for Tenured Prof to Debunk ALEC Report

There is a Professor in Colorado who has had the guts to refute the ALEC report "Report Card on America" and show where ALEC's logic is illogical and where their statistics stink.

We need a professor to step up to the plate and debunk the crap that is in this report
ALEC's "Rich States, Poor States"

I found an article that actually debunks the Rich States, Poor States rankings - but I would like to have someone else take a whack at it also.

As you will see from the blog entry shown below -
this report will and historically has been the impetus for budget legislation passed in our state legislatures.
This ALEC report is the Bible to ALEC legislators when it comes to budget legislation.

Someone needs to come forward and critically review this ALEC report,
and develop a cogent argument why this report is "Truth to Power", ALEC crap.
We all know it is ALEC garbage, someone needs to write an article why it is.
If we don't refute this ALEC report - everyone accepts it as truth and it is not.

If you don't act -
the current budget issues of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio
will be in your state next.
This report contains the ALEC marching orders for every state legislator,
for new budget legislation,
for the next budget in every state.

Ralph Benko Forbes Blogger notes:
One of this columnist’s spies nabbed one of only three advance copies of the forthcoming American Legislative Exchange Council’s new Rich States, Poor States. This eagerly awaited work’s new edition, bearing a foreword by Gov. Sam Brownback and advance praise from Govs. John Kasich and Rick Scott is not scheduled for release until Wednesday.  It adds to the library of data on key pathways to economic growth.

Rich States, Poor States tells the real story about which states are flourishing and which are decaying, and why.  It speaks Truth to Power in laying out some of the scandalous specifics of the $2.5 trillion state public employee pension liabilities.  (Appreciation to State Budget Solutions.)  It shames the big-government stagnating-states in what its authors call “the new Rust Belt,” the Northeast.  It warns laggards (spoiler alert:  like New York!) of the penury their policies are causing with much worse yet to come.

Rich States, Poor States is authored by some leading authorities on economic growth: Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore and ALEC’s own Jonathan Williams.  ALEC is a profoundly influential network of over 2,000 state legislators who take this organization’s findings very seriously.  This injects a rare note of sanity and affects change for the better.

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  1. The Economic Opportunity Institute has published a review of ALEC/Arthur Laffer's "Rich States, Poor States".

    In addition to numerous scope and methodological problems, it turns out that even using Laffer's own data, his predictions are wrong more than half the time.

    Part 1:

    Part 2: