Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CA Assembly - Best ALEC Liars

Of all the states I've researched for ALEC memberships in the biographies - the Calirfornia Assembly wins the prize.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of them does not list ALEC in their bio.
100% of them deny any connection to ALEC!  100%!
Every single one of them denies the organzation that allows them to cut and paste legislation into the Sate of California.  Legislation - by and for the corporations!

So Californians - Here's what you can do.
It's time to take action!

Here's the names:

Assembly Member Allan R. Mansoor   Rep
Assembly Member Beth Gaines            Rep
Assembly Member Bill Berryhill           Rep
Assembly Member Brian Nestande       Rep
Assembly Member Brian W. Jones        Rep
Assembly Member Cameron Smyth      Rep
Assembly Member Chris Norby            Rep
Assembly Member Connie Conway      Rep
Assembly Member Curt Hagman           Rep
Assembly Member Dan Logue               Rep
Assembly Member David G. Valadao    Rep
Assembly Member Diane L. Harkey     Rep
Assembly Member Donald P. Wagner   Rep
Assembly Member Jeff Gorell               Rep
Assembly Member Jeff Miller               Rep
Assembly Member Jim Nielsen             Rep
Assembly Member Jim Silva                  Rep
Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian   Rep
Assembly Member Kevin Jeffries          Rep
Assembly Member Kristin Olsen          Rep
Assembly Member Linda Halderman     Rep
Assembly Member Martin Garrick        Rep
Assembly Member Mike Morrell          Rep
Assembly Member Paul Cook               Rep
Assembly Member Steve Knight           Rep
Assembly Member Tim Donnelly         Rep
Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher              Rep
Assemblywoman Shannon L. Grove      Rep

Here's a letter you can copy, (Choose File - Choose Download Word)  
edit and paste to send to everyone of these assembly people -
None of them claim to be members of ALEC, NONE!

Liars - there's a bunch of them that are liars!!!!
And it will only cost you a piece of paper, an envelope and 44 cents to prove that they are liars.

Go for it California!


  1. "2old", what's the evidence for your assertion that "100% of them deny any connection to ALEC"? Or is it just that you're interpreting "not publicizing on their website" as "denial"?

  2. Anna - Checked out your blog - nice job on what you are doing. Thank you for your work.
    This was over three months ago - so my memory is a little hazy - but here's where my logic was (I think) The CA legislators will acknowledge membership to almost any kind of other organzation - except ALEC - not one listed ALEC and I know that some of them are ALEC members. ALEC is more directly related to their job as a legislator than most everything else they acknolwedge being a member of - therefore they are lying through ommission - it's intentional ommission, so I consider intentional lying. They could post it - they choose not to. They list their church (for instance) but not ALEC? Which has more direct impact on what they do.
    The post was to encourage people in Californai to notify all these assmbly people and find out "who is a member of ALEC" - not an implication that they all are members of ALEC.