Friday, June 17, 2011

Wisconsin - ALEC & Walker Privatizes Bail Bonds

This exchange happened in another discussion group that I belong to - but I wanted to bring it to your attention.  I did not write this - but I ask that you take the action requested, as this gives you enough information to act.  I gave you an example at the end of something you might write.  Comments are more effective if they come from a Wisconsinite.

Here is a link to an article today out of Wisconsin on the legislation legalizing private sector bail bonding:  This is something that was outlawed in 1979 and under Walker is being brought back.  As most of you are aware, ALEC has an entire section of Model Legislation regarding bail bonds.  They held a task force workshop on that topic in December 2009 - with American Bail Coalition President (and ALEC Board Member) Dennis Bartlett and a surety company.  They instructed lawmakers how to initiate such legislation in their states.  There is a nine part video presentation on YouTube from that workshop.  Here is part one: In part two is where Bartlett begins his discussion and at parts 7-10 members ask questions about the ALEC initiative.

In today's article ALEC "emphatically" denies having any part in the bail bond initiative in Wisconsin - and Bartlett denies ALEC had any input in the Wisconsin effort.  

I posted a comment, because we all need to call them out and provide the readers and general public of the deliberate disinformation put out by ALEC when they are accused of providing their model legislation at the state level.  They are such liars and it sickens me that they continue to get away with those lies, when their involvement in state policies and legislation is so insidious.  We must stop the lies, if only by reacting to any statement issued by them immediately.

Please make a comment and if nothing else - just say something like this.

this legislation written by the corporate bailsbond company that sits on the Board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Wisconsin didn't ask for this, Wisconsin doesn't need it, Wisconsin doesn't want it.  It's another example of Scott Walker's ties to ALEC and the selling Wisconsin out to Corporate America members of ALEC.

The more we bring these damn Kochroaches of ALEC out into the light - the more they will destruct.

Thank you!!!!

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