Friday, June 17, 2011

I Support Gov. Dayton - Mn GOP Can Leave the State, PERMANENTLY.

Not a happy camper today.
I'm sick to death of the Republican legislators in our state
and their inability to compromise.
They put out talking points that they "are compromising".
The compromises they are offering are insulting to the general public
and an insult to the democratic process.
As far as I'm concerned they can all move to
Arizona and kiss Jan Brewers butt for the next four years.

I never use to hate Republicans, I tolerated them
 - but I'm learning to hate them.

Short Term Thinking
ALL of our local news is ONLY covering  the implications of a possible government shutdown – oh, my.
They are choosing to only look at the short-term implications of this budget battle  Bunch of butt wipes, not newscasters.
Dayton has made huge compromises to the budget that he originally proposed after elected to office and is down to his last offer (1.89 Billion tax increases on the wealthy)  and I agree with him.
The Republican’s want Dayton to fold on his entire budget.
He has not  and I applaud him!
The Minnesota Republicans are a bunch of arrogant jerks – who believe they are gods of the state.  It's their way – and ONLY their way and they are GOD!  No one should question them and we should just bow down and kiss their butts, because we have the privilege to live in the same state as them.  They are the all knowing, they are the righteous, they are the almighty lords of politics,  they are the political gods of the universe.  They are arrogant jerks!
To the latest Republican budget proposal Dayton responded:
"Once again their position, implicitly, is I have [to] agree entirely to them. I have to give up 100 percent of everything I believe in and am convinced is right for the people of Minnesota and cave in to their offer or there's not going to be an agreement," Dayton said.

LONG-TERM Implications of the Republican Budget
Here are just a few  of the LONG-TERM changes that will be a result of the Republicans budget – This is just some of them, a few of them 
and these changes will be around a lot longer than the State shut-down. 

·     Under their proposal, health care systems would only receive an estimated $930 per patient per year to provide health care
·     repealing health care coverage through Medical Assistance for over 100,000 Minnesotans.
·     $50 million in cuts that threaten the supply of affordable, high quality child care.  $50 million in cuts that threaten the supply of affordable, high quality child care.
·     a 17.5 percent cut to Office of Justice Programs that would result in drastic cuts to domestic violence services statewide.
·    proposed elimination of a $952,000 state grant, which would result in the cancellation of the Caregiver Respite program and loss of $2.1 million a year in federal matching funds.  Caregiver Respite enables many older or sick adults to live at home instead of institutional settings.
·    proposed $1.6 billion in cuts to health and human services, including limiting access to chemical health treatment.
·    cuts that would eliminate school-linked mental health services.
·    proposed a 17.5 percent cut to the state Department of Public Safety's Office of Justice Programs, which houses the Youth Intervention Program.
·    proposed the elimination of the entire general fund allocation to metro area transit, $130 million over the next two years, and a devastating $7.6 million cut to Greater Minnesota transit.  More than 100,000 people - seniors, students and working adults - depend on transit every day just in the metro area.
·    proposed a 16 percent cut to the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership, jeopardizing training opportunities.
·     proposed a 14 percent cut for higher education - which will result in the lowest level of funding in over a decade.
·    proposed a 65 percent cut to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.  Department of Human Rights' mission: to make Minnesota discrimination free.  Our vision: That we will eradicate discrimination and empower every person in Minnesota with the ability to enjoy all of the benefits of society regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation, familial status, and public assistance status.

The MInnesota  media in Minnesota is ONLY reporting 
about people who will go without their services due to the government shutdown.
Maybe the Minnesota media should start reporting
      on the millions of people who will go without services –
      because of the Republican budget plan.

The GOP shut down the state.
They refuse to tax the 7,700  wealthiest MInnesotans who are making / earning a million dollars or more a year.
To hell with everyone else - teh State of Minnesota is owned by the 89,000 wealthiest Minnesotans and they have a hosue and senate to prove it.
Plutocracy, anyone?

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  1. I remember being a kid in the 60's and my Dad used to refer to republicans as dirty stinky lousy republicans. I'm glad he's not alive today to see what they have done to this country. He would have had a brain aneurism.