Thursday, June 30, 2011

Conservative - Rewriting the Bible - Removing Liberal Bias

Well - those nut jobs over on the right never cease to amaze me.....

Today I found out that the conservatives are re-writing the Bible.

A conservative jacka$$ by the name of Andy Schlafly - has a web page named Conservapediea - where evidently he is the "ruler of all mankind" - he is the great spiritual leader - I wouldn't even doubt if he considers himself a prophet.

Well if you looked at the main page
you will see his preponderance of proselytizing and,
of course, he is the "teacher" of all you behold.

Well one of the things on that main page is the
Conservative Bible Project.

He and his followers are over 1/2 done with re-writing the Bible.
He is re-writing the Bible to remove any liberal bias found in the Bible.  
He removing  that stuff that we've been taught that you should be kind to your neighbor, treat your neighbor as yourself - take care of the poor - be nice to people. 

Well not anymore - the Bible will now include the information that liberals took out of the Bible like free-market capitalism (No shit - honest)  (remind you of ALEC?) and less about liberal socialism and humanitarian pursuits.

Oh, yeh - I forgot - he's actually deleting whole sections of the Bible that he thinks were put in the Bible, specifically by Liberals - on purpose.

A vengeful Christian would say - I hope God strikes him dead and he burns in hell.

Ya know - I'm an agnostic -
As an agnostic - I hope an oak tree falls on him and while he is dying in agony - I hope every bird in the neighborhood comes by to crap on his lifeless body.

These damn wingnuts can't be stopped - what in the hell are we going to do?
And with so few people paying attention - or doing anything - I am beginning to think we have lost the Battle.
(Doyaknow who won The Voice last night?)

God, I wish I still smoked dope -
I've looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all
Maybe we all should start smoking dope again.

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