Friday, June 17, 2011

Lesko (R-AZ) Pimps for ALEC

The link to this was published awhile ago in another entry - but I wanted to post it so you would be able to read the real deal on this.

Thank you and Bravo! -  to whoever had the cojones to release this information outside the AZ legislature.

Note item #2.

From:     Debbie Lesko <>
    Subject:     ALEC Meeting in New Orleans Aug. 3-6
    Date:     May 12, 2011 4:33:38 PM MST
    To:     .ALLHMEMS <>
    Cc:     .HDEMSECS <>, .HMAJSECS <>
Dear Members,

As the AZ ALEC public sector chairman,  I'd like to invite you to join me in NEW ORLEANS at ALEC's annual meeting from AUGUST 3RD-6TH.  READ ALL DETAILS BELOW:

1.  ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is  a nonpartisan membership association for conservative state lawmakers who share a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.

2.  If you are an ALEC member, your airfare, hotel, ALEC registration, baggage, travel to/from the airport to the hotel, and airport parking will be reimbursed through an ALEC scholarship up to $1,900.00 per legislator.
You may share rooms if you so is up to you. 

3.  I have attached a list of current ALEC members with their expiration dates.  IF your membership expired Dec. 2010, you NEED to renew your membership to attend the meeting.  IF you are not listed as a member, you NEED to JOIN to attend the meeting.  Go to  The price is $100 for 2 years.  The membership fee is NOT reimbursed.

4.  I have attached the Task Force member list.  If you are a primary task force member,  you can vote on model legislation during your task force meeting.   Alternate task force members will be able to vote if the primary task force member does not attend.  All task force members should attend their task force. Task Force meeting dates and times are listed under the annual meeting AGENDA at
CONTACT my assistant, Patty Wisner, and let her know if you are attending at  602-926-5413 or

5.  To REGISTER for the meeting and hotel go to:
I suggest you do so soon to make sure there is room in the hotel.  If you use the ALEC hotel you will be reimbursed $100 off your registration fee.  4 NIGHTS at the hotel will be covered.  Check in Aug. 2nd. Check out Aug. 6th.  ALEC meetings start Aug. 3rd. Hotel check in time is 3pm and check out time is noon.

6.  Make your own flight arrangements.

7.  You need to SAVE and SUBMIT copies of all receipts and turn them into my assistant, Patty Wisner, AFTER the trip.  Reimbursement usually takes 2-3 weeks to process AFTER the trip and AFTER you turn in the reimbursement form and receipts.  I have attached the reimbursement form.

8.  CONTACT my assistant, Patty Wisner, at 602-926-5413 or
to let her know IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.  I need an idea of how many legislators will be attending in order to make sure we have enough scholarship funds.


Debbie Lesko
State Representative
Arizona-Legislative District 9
1700 W. Washington St. Suite H
Phoenix, AZ  85007

And here's the list of current members that was noted in her email with their membership expiration dates.
115425LM  Sen.Sylvia Tenney Allen12/31/2010
106730LM  Sen.Andy Biggs12/31/2010
115470LM  Sen.Albert Anthony Melvin12/31/2010
101379LM  Rep.Richard Miranda12/31/2010
103330LM  Sen.Russell K. Pearce12/31/2010
115777LM  Sen.Steve Pierce12/31/2010
100564LM  Rep.James P. Weiers12/31/2010
111048LM  Sen.Nancy K. Barto12/31/2011
113383LM  Sen.Rich Crandall12/31/2011
113397LM  Rep.Andy M. Tobin, Sr.12/31/2011
119990LM  Rep.Steve R. Urie12/31/2011
120495LM  Rep.Kimberly Yee12/31/2011
111840LM  Rep.Kirk D. Adams12/31/2012
115494LM  Rep.Cecil Ash12/31/2012
120581LM  Rep.Brenda J. Barton12/31/2012
120494LM  Sen.Scott Bundgaard12/31/2012
109488LM  Rep.Judy M. Burges12/31/2012
115471LM  Rep.Steve Court12/31/2012
120503LM  Rep.Chester Crandell12/31/2012
120578LM  Rep.Jeff Dial12/31/2012
111842LM  Sen.Adam Driggs12/31/2012
121062LM  Rep.Karen Fann12/31/2012
103384LM  Rep.Eddie Farnsworth12/31/2012
120513LM  Rep.John Fillmore12/31/2012
120577LM  Rep.Thomas Forese12/31/2012
116297LM  Rep.Doris Goodale12/31/2012
121660LM  Rep.Rick Gray12/31/2012
41239LM  Sen.Gail Griffin12/31/2012
106698LM  Rep.Jack W. Harper12/31/2012
120538LM  Rep.Peggy S. Judd12/31/2012
111839LM   Rep.John Kavanagh12/31/2012
120497LM  Sen.Lori Klein12/31/2012
115537LM  Rep.Debbie Lesko12/31/2012
120588LM  Rep.Kate Brophy McGee12/31/2012
109500LM  Rep.Nancy McLain12/31/2012
120563LM  Sen.Rick Murphy12/31/2012
120545LM  Rep.Justin D. Olson12/31/2012
116302LM  Rep.Frank Pratt12/31/2012
120627LM    Rep.Terri Proud12/31/2012
118998LM  Rep.Amanda A. Reeve12/31/2012
120539LM  Rep.Bob Robson12/31/2012
120907LM  Sen.Don Shooter12/31/2012
109401LM  Rep.David Burnell Smith12/31/2012
120572LM  Sen.Steve M. Smith12/31/2012
115690LM  Rep.David W. Stevens12/31/2012
120443LM  Rep.J. Ted Vogt12/31/2012
106729LM  Sen.Steven B. Yarbrough12/31/2012
116309LM  Rep.David M. Gowan, Sr.12/31/2013
109658LM  Rep.Russell L. Jones1/31/2013
109434LM  Sen.John P. McComish1/31/2013
106708LM  Sen.Michele Reagan1/31/2013
27833LE  Sen.Robert L. Burns12/31/2999
AZ Total  52 ALEC Members

Thank you and Bravo! -  to whoever had the cojones to release this information outside the AZ legislature.

NOW ARIZONA - your job is to make sure that these ALEC members do not get re-elected.

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